Limo Bikes and Convertible Limos launched by Dubai Taxi prove to be a huge success during winter. Image Credit: Courtesy: RTA

Dubai: Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that the recently launched Convertible Limo and Limo Bike services proved popular with commuters during winter, when the cooler weather allows for commuters to travel with the wind in their hair.

Dr Yousuf Al Ali, CEO of DTC, said: “The cooperation with leading global brands, such as Land Rover and Can-Am to provide these two modes will boost the confidence of customers in our premium services category, especially as they fulfil the safety and security stipulations coupled with the deployment of high-professional chauffeurs. The service can be booked through dialling 80088088 or sending an email to, where the application will be tracked by the DTC’s Control Centre.”

“The Limo Bike and Convertible Limo services are on offer at Dubai’s hotspots such as the JLT, Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard, Global Village, Marina, and City Walk among others. The service targets clients intending to reach their final destinations much faster by avoiding traffic snarls, or for tourists on hiking trails across Dubai through swift and fun rides.”

Al Ali added that DTC is taking a “leading role” in introducing these two services to the region. They are part of RTA’s strategy aimed at “bringing happiness to people through the delivery of high-class services”.