Dubai: There were 1,137,750 registered vehicles in Dubai at the end of 2012 compared to 1,031,961 in 2010, an increase of 106,789 vehicles in two years.

With vehicle registrations required to be renewed annually, there is a need for additional vehicle testing and registration centres to meet the demand.

Ahmad Hashem Behroozian, CEO of the RTA’s Licensing Agency, said yesterday that the 1,137,750 vehicles registered in Dubai in 2012 included new and existing vehicles.

“On an average, about 3,500 vehicles were registered in Dubai every day in 2012,” Behroozian observed while speaking at the inauguration of a new testing and registration centre of the Cars taxi company at Deira.

With the opening of the new facility, the RTA now has 21 licensing centres in Dubai.

“The new centres will help reduce queues and waiting time at our licensing centres,” Behroozian said.

Ahmad Al Ghurair, Director of Cars, said: “We deploy the most sophisticated equipment backed by qualified and trained technicians and staff.”

The company claimed it adheres to stringent standards set by RTA for licensing and registration.