Dubai: Officials have urged residents who have complaints against taxi services to contact the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at 800 9090.

Once a complaint is lodged, a reference number is given to the caller to help follow up if needed.

The complaint is then passed on to the taxi companies, who investigate the issue and take necessary action.

RTA officials further follow up the complaints by visiting the taxi companies and checking if the complaint is being dealt with efficiently and effectively.

“Sometimes the complaints are due to a misunderstanding or for no fault of the driver, in such cases no action is taken against them,” Furat Ali Al Amri, Director of Franchise and Monitoring at the RTA said.

For instance, a driver may be heading to a destination from where the dispatch centre has asked him to pick up a passenger. If a passenger tries to flag down the cab while he is on the way, the driver may not stop. This could lead to a complaint, since the passenger is unaware that the driver is already on a job.