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As everyone, male or female, old or young, may face some difficulties and hard times in this life, some easily give up, some resist for some time, while others are so resilient and never lose hope. 27-year-old Emirati young man Abdulaziz Najim Qasim Abdullah Matar, based in Sharjah, is one of those few with firm will and determination. Despite his full visual impairment, he never gave up, and managed to finish his high school, literary section, with a high score of 98 per cent. Image Credit:

Dubai: A 27-year-old man from Sharjah got a high school literary score of 98 per cent, despite being blind, and is now studying law at Ajman University on full scholarship.

“I do not believe in the word impossible,” said Abdul Aziz Najim Qasim Abdullah Matar. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he added.

Matar is now well on his way to finishing his bachelor’s degree next year, with plans to pursue his masters and doctorate thereafter.

Having adopted the ‘make it happen’ spirit of ‘thriving in Ajman University’, he now hopes to be a role model for others, turning their sympathy into admiration, and becoming a source of inspiration.

“Blindness is a spiritual setback rather than a physical disability,” he said. “I do believe that a man without ambition is nothing but a body with no heart and soul.”

The newly wed also works as an anchor for Sharjah Media Corporation and a media coordinator for Sharjah Sports Club.

“I aim to take the challenge to a higher level, and plan to start a new career as a lawyer after I finish my bachelor’s degree in law next year,” he said.