Sultan Al Shamsi - UAE-1663049445485
Painting by Emirati artist Sultan Al Shamsi on display at the art exhibition organised by the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi: The Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi has inaugurated an art exhibition featuring works by 42 Emirati and Mexican artists. The exhibition will run until November 8, with many of the pieces up for sale.

The ‘UAE to Mexico’ exhibition, which has been organised in collaboration with the Emirates Fine Arts Society, coincides with the 212th anniversary of the independence of Mexico (September 16), and the 47th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the UAE.

“On these very special occasions the Embassy organises this important exhibition… to pay tribute to the Emirati and Mexican artists, and to encourage even more cross-cultural dialogue between Mexico and the UAE, to strengthen and expand the existing cultural bonds between our two countries,” said Luis Alfonso De Alba, Mexican Ambassador to the UAE.

Ashba Al Ghafli - UAE-1663049436281
Art work by Emirati artist Ashba Al Ghafli at the exhibition organised by the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi Image Credit:

Building bridges

“Culture is a natural bridge for peoples to interact and become aware of the common and distinguishing features of their societies. Promoting and encouraging the exchange of cultural dialogue with the rest of the world is one of the key mandates of the Mexican Cultural Diplomacy,” he added.

The exhibition is the ninth art exhibition hosted by the Mexican Embassy, and features 50 pieces, including oil paintings, acrylic works and fabric-based works.

Myriam Kruisheer Ortega - MEXICO-1663049442760
Painting by Myriam Kruisheer Ortega on display at the art exhibition organised by the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit:

Brotherly relations

“This exhibition highlights the depth of the brotherly bilateral relations that unite the [UAE and Mexico]. This significant event is considered as an artistic and cultural festival, through which an elite group of Emirati artists interact with their Mexican peers. It is a window to cultural interaction and integration, aiming at reaching knowledge goals and common high human values,” the Emirates Fine Arts Society said in a statement.

“The phenomenon of cultural interaction between peoples and human societies is deeply rooted in the concept of building the UAE and the idea of the union. This is embodied through the relations that the UAE establishes with other countries, and through artistic adjacency in exhibitions, when the artist goes beyond the borders of lines and colors, to interact with other cultures,” it added.