The Richat Structure in northwestern Mauritania photographed by Al Neyadi Image Credit: Twitter/@Astro_Alneyadi

Dubai: Continuing to show his skills in photography from space, UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi today shared awe-inspiring images of the ‘Eye of the Sahara’ from the International Space Station (ISS).

The Emirati astronaut, who is on the longest Arab space mission on ISS for six months, shared the photos of the Richat Structure in northwestern Mauritania.

“This image I captured of the Eye of the Sahara from the ISS reveals itself as a geological wonder. Also known as The Richat Structure, it serves as a reminder of our planet’s incredible beauty and the mysteries that still await our exploration,” he tweeted.

The circular geologic feature is thought to be caused by an uplifted dome, which geologists would classify as a domed anticline, that has been eroded to expose the originally flat rock layers.

The images come just a day after Al Neyadi tweeted a picture of Dubai from space at night, showing landmarks and major roads lit up.

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Earlier, on March 30, Al Neyadi had shared breathtaking images of a sandstorm sweeping across the Sahara.

“From so far away, I am constantly reminded of the beauty of our planet. One of my favourite activities on the ISS is getting behind the lens for Earth observation, capturing breathtaking sights that can only be witnessed from space. I’m delighted to share this recent image I clicked of a sandstorm, sweeping across the enchanting Sahara desert,” he had posted.