The explosion that razed the four towers of Mina Zayed to the ground on Friday morning
The controlled explosions that flattened the four towers of Mina Zayed to the ground on Friday morning. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Roads around the Mina Zayed area have been opened once again on Saturday morning, following the successful demolition of Mina Zayed Towers on Friday.

The Abu Dhabi Media office tweeted on Saturday the Mina Zayed area has been made accessible to the public. Traffic diversions have been removed and ‘all areas to from Mina Zayed are [have been] reopened,” the Media Office tweeted.

The existing shops and markets will continue to operate throughout the Mina Zayed redevelopment project, the Media Office said.

On Friday morning, 144 floors of the iconic Mina Plaza, comprising four, 165 metre-high towers in the Mina Zayed area of the capital, were successfully demolished in a record 10 seconds.

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The demolition is part of the Mina Zayed redevelopment project. The redevelopment will set up new structures to house the existing stores, as well as make way for new shops.