needless?: Barriers are already raised in Cluster B and C Xpress/Zarina Fernandes Image Credit: Xpress/Zarina Fernandes

Dubai: Residents of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) have called upon master-developer Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) to dismantle parking barriers in their community.

Residents say the barriers impose a cost on them. One resident said: “Parking charges will vary from building to building, but it is expensive for us. Why should we pay for parking separately when we are already paying service charges? This is an unnecessary additional cost.”

Barriers in clusters B and D have already been installed and plans are to underway install the rest by 2013.

In September DMCC started installing parking barriers at JLT to streamline parking for residents and visitors.

However, when the barriers are completed, all JLT occupants will be given access cards. DMCC also has plans to install security cameras in the community.

Another resident, a board member in one building, said: “We don’t need parking barriers in JLT. There is sufficient parking space for residents, retailers and all visitors. If you come in the night you will find enough parking slots even after all the residents park their vehicles.”

Another apartment owner was concerned about the huge price for parking.

“My developer is asking a huge amount to pay for a parking slot. Parking charges by RTA are half of what I am being asked to pay. This is after paying my due service charges. This is a rip-off. Even if parking barriers need to be raised, then at least subsidise the cost.”

There are three types of parking within JLT — parking garages directly under the towers; DMCC-owned parking garages on the upper concourse level and three basement parking levels of every cluster, overflow parking areas and on-street parking outside clusters within the JLT. Visitors will have separate parking in DMCC parking structures.

There are 61 commercial and residential towers, four lakes, six playgrounds and over 100 retail outlets within the development.