Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Those who have known or worked with the late Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam recalled his kind spirit and passion for serving his country.

Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, Chairman of Dar Al Khaleej Press, Printing and Publishing House passed away on Thursday morning from a stroke at the age of 66.

Khalid Abdullah, Advisor to Dar Al Khaleej Group, said working with Taryam over the last ten years taught him perseverance.

“Working in Al Khaleej allowed me to witness the way he thinks, his kindness and compassion to people and his determination to deliver the truth to his readers. I also learned from him perseverance in fighting against any obstacle that stands in developing the newspaper.”

The last article written by Taryam was one about President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s illness titled “One house, One heart”, which showed Taryam’s loyalty and love to the UAE, said Habib Al Sayegh, editor-in-chief and advisor of Editorial Affairs at Dar Al Khaleej.

Al Sayegh, who knew Taryam for 43 years, said he met him in the 1970s when he was just a student and Taryam was the Minister of Education.

“I used to write as a student for Al Khaleej before I was hired officially in the 1990s. I believe that we writers and journalists graduated from his school: ‘Al Khaleej’, which was the first newspaper in the UAE, so [we] owe him a lot for what we learned.”

Al Sayegh said Taryam did not only contribute greatly to the UAE through launching the first newspaper, he was also one of the fundamental figures in laying the foundation of the UAE.

“During his time as the Minister of Justice, he issued many resolution and concepts that benefited the UAE including emiratisation. He also issued other resolutions that were needed at the time to fill the gaps in the rules and laws of the country.”

Al Sayegh said during his time as Minister of Education he did not only lay the groundwork of education in schools, but in higher education as well, as he had a vital role in establishing UAE University.

Ebrahim Al Abed, director general of the National Media Council, said it is a great loss for him, “as he was a dear friend and a role model in the field of journalism.”

Al Abed said Taryam was one of the main figures of the UAE before and after its establishment. “He played a big role in the political landscape of the UAE.”

On a personal level, Al Abed described Taryam saying: “He was courteous, humble and open to others.”

Since he left his position in the ministry, Al Abed said, Taryam gave all his time to Dar Al Khaleej Press and Publishing House, whether to Al Khaleej newspaper or its other publications, and worked on developing it and keeping it in the lead.

“He organised important activities and talks. He also gave a lot to the Taryam Bin Omran Training Centre, which is in the Al Khaleej newspaper and trains journalists annually.”

“His children, Khalid, who is the general manager of Al Khaleej newpaper, Amira, editor-in-chief of Kul-Al-Usra magazine, Aisha, editor-in-chief of The Gulf Today, will follow in his footsteps and continue his legacy, like he continued his brother’s legacy,” Al Abed said.