Dr Supriya Chauhan with world no 1 female padel player Alejandra Salazar Image Credit: Supplied

As a prosthodontist and implantologist, my speciality can be unnerving for some, involving making exact replicas or prosthesis of human body parts including eyes, nose, jaws, teeth, ears, etc. Movie buffs can relate to what I do considering I’ve also had requests to create those strange golden teeth, silicon face masks and even eye balls, frequently seen on screen. It’s a strange and unique field but one that I have grown to love, a passion that is evident in my book about recent advances in Implant Dentistry and that is available on Amazon.

Tough decision

After I had my first baby, we moved to Dubai. Motherhood has a massive learning curve, hence trying to hold my passion for prosthesis while ensuring the baby settles well in a new country, without much help was the most challenging part of my life. Besides, the UAE is also quite sensitive to aesthetics and surgery, especially anything related to the face. Practicing here therefore involved taking multiple exams and getting a license took time. Being a stakeholder in the medical sector also meant staying constantly updated with recent advances in my field, with no scope for mistakes or a compromise.

The beauty of 3D castings is that they take you back in time to relive those fond memories. It takes a few minutes to create an imprint but a replica cast is for a lifetime, and I truly feel blessed to be able to indulge in a career and passion that brings so much joy to other human beings

- Dr Supriya Chauhan

As I could not lend so much of my time and energy to my career at the time I decided to put it on hold, which I regretted almost instantly. I had a lot on my plate and needed to figure out something really quickly before it took a toll on my mental health. I refused to choose between family and career, however I was aware that I could not do justice to a field that required my complete dedication. I realised I had to start something of my own - from home.

Gaining inspiration

I met many mompreneurs – all reservoirs of talent and determination. Mum events are magical and it was exceptionally inspiring to watch these women nurturing their babies and businesses. Raising a child is difficult but empowering. There is no force more powerful and potent than a bunch of helpful women determined to rise.

For Dr Supriya Chauhan, 3D casting was a pet hobby that turned into a passion project Image Credit: Supplied

As I sat in for those brainstorming sessions, it became a bit of a no brainer, I had to indulge in what I was passionate about… and my passion for prosthesis and art was unmatchable. I realised that I had to start something along those lines. Indeed, looking back I am indebted to many wonderful ladies, mostly mums for helping me live my dream.

3D art

It used to amaze me how 3D castings for prosthesis picked up all the folds and cavities to exact dimensions. Taking this passion ahead, I started casting hands and feet as a hobby 15 years back. I started it on a whim but the enormous response I received was overwhelming – I believed I had found my niche!

My passion and thorough training in this field of expertise also allows me to make replica sculptures in any material, for any part of the body - humans or pets. I can cast in any material, metal, gold, titanium, nylon, silicon, stone, plaster, ceramics etc., and am well versed with lasers, solders, welding and recent advances in 3D casting and art. I tried streaming all this knowledge into one field and buckled up for a casting business, looking forward to shape a bespoke piece of sculpture for those who chose to buy into this niche art form. And there were many.

Support in the UAE

The UAE is a multicultural and welcoming land and offered me new opportunities. The authorities and the procedures here are extremely helpful and supportive to new entrepreneurs such as I. Registering my business in no time and with utmost ease, I resorted to setting up a small studio at home to follow up on my passion.

With my skills and resources, I could help people capture their precious moments, be they anniversaries or the birth of a child – just so they could revisit and cherish these blessed moments forever through a unique piece of art. I will admit that there were times when I was stretched too thin, but publicity through word of mouth and some amazing influencer collaborations snowballed into several huge and successful projects.

Success and fame

From some of the most reputed families across the UAE to athletes and actors, my clients and their appreciation kept me afloat. I was fortunate to make hand castings of Alejandra Salazar, the world’s number one female padel player, as well as members of the royal families across emirates. Some of my interesting sculptures are ab castings of a kickboxer, pregnant belly castings turned into mosaic art, family face and hand casting, and innumerable versions of hands and feet of newborns, from around the UAE.

I also ensure using a part of my earnings to make free castings for terminally ill kids or the warrior babies fighting a major illness.

Time machine

When I started, my aim was to sail through my initial mum days, but with so much love and the new family that I’ve made through my valued clientele and partnerships, I can now say that I am here to stay.

The beauty of 3D castings is that they take you back in time to relive those fond memories. It takes a few minutes to create an imprint but a replica cast is for a lifetime, and I truly feel blessed to be able to indulge in a career and passion that brings so much joy to other human beings.

In closing, I would like to thank my family, teachers, friends, clients and well- wishers for the support I have received here in the UAE. Coming from a service class family, I didn’t have the opportunity to witness many businesswomen.

Starting a business in a new country, in a new field not many had heard about, with a new baby was challenging, but rewarding. Thank you, UAE, for making my dreams come true.