Gory end. The stray cat that was fatally shot earlier this week Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty after a stray cat was shot in the face by a gun near the Dubai World Trade Centre Metro Station on Shaikh Zayed Road.

The feline died on Wednesday morning.

Syrian expat Fawad Kannan, 36, who lodged the police complaint, said he found the stray with a gaping bullet wound in the mouth on Tuesday evening.

“The cat was writhing in pain and bleeding profusely. Half its face had been blown off. It was a ghastly sight. I rushed it to a vet who confirmed that the animal had been shot by a gun from close range. The bullet had entered its right chin and exited just under the left eye. The cat had no chance.”

Serial cat killer

The incident comes close on the heels of an XPRESS report about a serial cat killer who had poisoned 10 stray cats to death in Jumeirah 3 a few days back. “There’s a psychopath out there poisoning cats and now there’s someone shooting them to death,” said an animal lover.

It’s not immediately clear if it was an air gun or a firearm that caused the fatal injury.

“A policeman told me that it was possibly a 6mm gun. Regardless of the type of weapon, the fact is that a gun has been used to kill an animal. It’s a matter of great concern and something authorities need to look into urgently,” said Kannan.

A Dubai based animal activist said instances of animal abuse will continue until related laws are not implemented strictly.