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Naila Kiani is the only Pakistani to have climbed seven plus peaks above 8,000m in less than six months, in 2023 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai mum, who is Pakistan’s leading female high-altitude mountaineer, has been appointed as National Goodwill Ambassador for Girls’ Education by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in her home country.

When she was growing up, Naila Kiani faced severe challenges in accessing quality education and had to work full time at nights to pay for her university fees. Despite these hardships, she excelled academically, becoming an aerospace engineer and a banker.

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She believes that starting education early empowers girls to contribute meaningfully for themselves, their families, communities and to their nation.

In her ambassadorial role, she will:

• Highlight the importance of starting girls’ education early to ensure lasting empowerment and opportunity throughout their lives.

• Promote and back federal and provincial government programmes aimed at enhancing educational access and quality for girls.

• Motivate young girls across the nation to realise their full potential through education.

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Pledging commitment

“I am deeply honoured to be appointed as the National Goodwill Ambassador for Girls’ Education,” Kiani said.

“My own journey has shown me that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and driving societal transformation. By focusing on early education, we can lay a strong foundation for lifelong growth and empowerment. I am committed to advocating initiatives that provide quality education to all girls, helping them to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams from a young age”.

Mountaineering achievements

• Kiani is the only Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani to have climbed 11 of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000m.

• She is the only Pakistani in history to have climbed seven plus peaks above 8,000m in less than six months, in 2023.

• She is the fastest Pakistani to have climbed all eleven 8,000m peaks, which she did in less than three years.

• She is the only female athlete to receive Sitara-i-Imtiaz, the highest civilian honour given to any female athlete in Pakistan.