The Series 257 Big Ticket Live draw that took place in Abu Dhabi on November 3. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Azmi Mtanious Hourani, a Syrian expat was named the lucky winner of Dh20 million in the Series 257 Big Ticket Live draw that took place yesterday.

A resident of Abu Dhabi, Azmi has been based in the UAE for the past 25 years. Overwhelemed by the win, he told Big Ticket’s representatives that he had sworn this would be his last time buying tickets after over 100 unsuccessful tries, and to his luck received the winning phone call about his big win yesterday. Azmi purchased his winning ticket from Abu Dhabi International Airport on a trip to Germany. When asked about his plans to spend his winnings, he said he hadn’t yet decided how he’d spend the amount but might look to invest a share.

During last night’s live draw, 10 lucky winners of Indian and Filipino nationalities were also announced, each of them taking home gold prizes worth a total of Dh590,000.

At the Big Ticket live draw, Azaruddin Moopar Ameed took home a brand-new Maserati Ghibli. The Indian national has been a resident of Saudi Arabia for the past 12 years and works in content at Nessma Partners. Azaruddin has been purchasing cash prize and Dream Car raffle tickets for the past two years with three of his friends.

After finding out about his win through the Big Ticket website, Azaruddin explained that they are yet to decide whether they will keep or sell the car. Azaruddin told Big Ticket representatives he will continue to purchase Big Tickets in hopes that he will one day be lucky enough to also take home the grand prize.

During the month of November, one lucky individual will be named the grand prize winner and walk away with Dh15 million during the live draw on December 3. Customers of Big Ticket will also have 10 additional chances to win. The lucky winners coming in second to eleventh place will take home 24 karat gold bars, also announced during next month’s live draw.

Customers are encouraged to exercise caution when making their purchase through third-party pages and groups to ensure the authenticity of their tickets.