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Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah is maintaining the tradition of bringing the community together by organising several events throughout the month of August. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Pakistani expats living in the UAE are celebrating their country’s 75th anniversary today, sending their good wishes and prayers for their country to prosper and grow in the world economy.

Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, President, Pakistan Social Centre, Sharjah, said: “Heartiest congratulations to Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its citizens on the 75th anniversary; a day of dedication and pride for the people of Pakistan for being one of the bravest nations on earth, and I feel proud to be part of this beautiful nation.”

He added: “While it is a magnificent day for all Pakistanis, the Independence Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves how hard our freedom fighters fought, shed their blood and tears to make our dreams a reality.”

Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah is maintaining the tradition of bringing the community together by organising several events throughout the month of August, including sports competitions, cultural activities, Azaadi Mushaira (Freedom Poetic Symposium), flag hoisting and free medical check-ups.

Javed Malik, Chair, Overseas Pakistanis Forum and Former Ambassador of Pakistan, said: "As Pakistanis around the world unite to celebrate the country’s 75th year of independence and pay tribute to our founding fathers, we must also reiterate our commitment to building a prosperous, progressive, and democratic Pakistan that was envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah."

Javed Malik
Javed Malik Image Credit: Supplied

He added: "We need to empower the masses through employment and entrepreneurship and create opportunities for the business community to expand trade and encourage investment. Overseas Pakistanis welcome the proposal by the government for a “Charter of Economy” that brings national leadership together on a single point agenda to revive the country’s economy."

Subul Fahad, 32, an influencer and property consultant who lives with her husband Fahad Khan and children Saim (10) and Sarim (6) in Dubai, said for her personally, the Pakistan Independence day is a very emotional time.

Subul Fahad with her family. Image Credit: Supplied

“I have been living in the UAE since more than a decade, but my love for Pakistan keeps growing. In the last few years, Pakistan has made exceptional progress in the field of tourism, education and textile and I would love to see it prosper even more. As an expat, I ask from all Pakistanis living in UAE to help in boosting our country’s economy by sending more remittances and setting up businesses there.”

Adnan Warris, 37, who works as an investment banker in Dubai, said August 14 is a day of joy for Pakistani families living in the UAE. He said the day connects expats to their motherland more than other days.

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Adnan Warris with his family. Image Credit: Supplied

“On the day, we like to dress traditionally and prefer to wear green and white as it is the colours of our flag. It is quite an eventful day at our Pakistan Association in Dubai as they host many activities and events on August 14. This year, the Independence Day falls on Sunday and we will spend the day watching events and celebrations on television. Pakistani food at restaurants in Dubai usually serve “Azadi” (independence day) menu too.”

Mansoor Naqvi, children Izhaan and Mishaal said that as a Pakistani expats living in the UAE they are proud to see the journey of their motherland.

Mansoor Naqvi, Mahalaka, Izhaan and Mishaal. Image Credit: Supplied

“We have endured a lot. I truly wish for Pakistan to prosper and thrive. I hope our country can overcome its challenges with grace and humility. Pakistan is a beautiful country to visit. We hope that tourism opens up in the country.”

Ismail Marfani, Director, Iman Developers, said : “On the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day, we recall with respect our late leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s efforts and achievements.

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"On this great day, we hope the excellent relations between Pakistan and the UAE remain strong.”

Maryam Khan, 42, a homemaker who lives with her husband Adeel Ahmed, children Nyle, Mikha’el and Ranya, said they will be dressed in clothes matching Pakistan flag colours.

Maryam Khan with her husband Adeel Ahmed andchildren Nyle, Mikha’el and Ranya Image Credit: Supplied

“We have a special family dinner at an authentic Pakistani restaurant planned. We feel proud living in the UAE and Pakistan and the emirates share a great friendship. We pray for both the countries’ success and prosperity,” she said.

Shakeel Anwar Chaudhry, 45, an entrepreneur, said Pakistan Independence Day reminds him of the sacrifices his forefathers made to make Pakistan a strong, prosperous and progressive country.

Shakeel Anwar Chaudhry Image Credit: Supplied

“It is a proud moment for every Pakistani. On this special day, we pay tribute to our forefathers, celebrate our achievements, learn from our mistakes, and commit to ‘unity, faith and discipline’ to make Pakistan peaceful and prosperous.”

Ishrat Ali Khan, group managing director for a private company in Dubai, said: “As an entrepreuner based in Dubai for over 25 years, I have several plans to invest in Pakistan within the tourism sector. We believe Pakistan has immense potential to offer unique and sustainable tourism products in heritage, adventure, religion, and business. We want to thank the benevolent rulers of the UAE for providing us with the opportunities to sustain our business and be able to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Pakistan.”

Shabbir Merchant, managing director of a private company in Dubai, said: “Pakistan Independence Day is the nation’s most beloved national holiday with millions of Pakistanis across the globe coming together to mark the anniversary of the birth of our nation.

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Shabbir Merchant Image Credit: Supplied

"Pakistan celebrates its freedom with a message of peace and tolerance to the entire world. I would like to extend my wishes to all Pakistanis across the globe on this occasion. I encourage all Pakistanis to appreciate our beautiful country, its rich heritage and abundant resources, besides considering investment opportunities.”