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Participants in the EEG’s 13th edition of Environmental Drawing Competition being honoured. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The Emirates Environmental Group’s (EEG) The 13th edition of the Environmental Drawing Competition saw the participation of more than 162,000 students, 566 schools and 106 student members of the EEG.

The EEG organised an awards ceremony on May 19 to unveil and celebrate the winners of this year’s competition at the Ismaili Centre, Dubai. In EEG’s continuous effort to minimise the environmental impact of its activities, 1.17 metric tonnes of C02 emissions produced as a result of the competition were offset, by making a sustainable contribution to voluntary climate protection, in collaboration with EEG’s devoted corporate member, Farnek.

The annual competition aims to foster creativity of the young generation and maximise awareness on sustainability issues, guiding the students towards developing a sense of care and respect for the environment through art.

“This year saw the successful integration and representation of UN SGD Goal No: 5, 7, 11, 13 and 15, which touched upon topics such as Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action and Life on Land respectively,” said Habiba Al Marashi, EEG Chairperson.

Art as a form of expression allowed the students, from both regular and determined schools in all of the seven emirates, to create a lasting and powerful impact, moving the viewers and fostering environmental action. Themes included ‘One World, One Family’, ‘One World, One Family’, and ‘Kindness to Animals’.

The awards Ceremony commended the talented young artists and exhibited the 41 winning entries with strong environmental messages. Each of the drawings held a unique perception of the current environmental challenges and demonstrated hope.

The judging of the competition was conducted by a panel of professional artists, led by the famous Emirati artist Dr Najat Makki, who has been at the forefront of the Emirati art scene for nearly 40 years. “The environmental drawing competition is of great importance as it focuses on the students of schools of different nationalities, highlighting the effective relationship between them and the environment,” said Dr Makki.