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In the first episode of the Future Now podcast series, Nada Taryam, Managing Director of Civil and Architectural Projects at Beeah, tells host Ihsan Anabtawi, who is also the COO and CMO of Microsoft UAE, how smart buildings can help us become more comfortable, productive and sustainable.

“A smart building is essentially a building that is reactive and interactive,” says Taryam in the podcast, Secrets of Smart Buildings, which is part of the Future Now series produced by Gulf News in association with Microsoft UAE. “It is fitted with technology and systems to give it life and essence. It can interact with its occupants, perform actions for them, and provide them with a better experience.”

But being smart is not just limited to improving user experiences.

“Smart buildings enhance the performance of buildings and help them operate more efficiently,” explains Taryam. “This is one of the ways that could offset the negative impact on our climate.”

Nada Taryam, Managing Director of Civil and Architectural Projects at Beeah Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

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Even property maintenance is taken care of through the use of digital twin technology. “We have a digital twin, a digital representation of the building, which can predict maintenance patterns and digitally show you if there is a problem with the building.”

Secrets of Smart Buildings is now available on all leading podcast channels. To learn more about the Future Now series, visit or agnc3 YouTube channel