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Rakta confirmed that the e-scooters will be available to commuters in all segments of society and will save time. Image Credit: Supplied

Ras Al Khaimah: Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority (Rakta) has revealed the restarting of the e-scooter service in cooperation with ‘Fenix’, by deploying 200 tourist scooters at ten different sites in Ras Al Khaimah. This e-scooter service is in keeping with the mini mobility units project, in line with Rakta’s strategic plan for projects 2020-202).

Rakta confirmed that this new mode of transport will be available to all segments of society and will save time for commuters. Moreover, it will provide a more sustainable and smart option to commuters. The users will be able to access the scooters via the Fenix mobile application, with a Dh3 unlocking fee. Customers can also receive clear in-app safety instructions and local guidelines on how to use the electric vehicles legally and responsibly.

Mohammad Hashem Esmaeel, director of Quality Control and Operations Department, stated that the launch of the environment-friendly tourist scooter project will enhance a flexible mobility system in the emirate and provide transportation service to destinations as quickly as possible, especially for short destinations and at reduced costs. A field team has been assigned to carry out the maintenance of these scooters and place them at their sites on a daily basis.

Fenix has confirmed the safety measures during COVID-19 by carrying out continuous sterilisation of the fleet. In addition, all scooters are fully insured and supported by advanced safety features and equipped with integrated hand sanitisation packs to ensure highest level of safety for users.

He also stressed the need for all e-scooter users to adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions set by the authority, such as not exceeding the speed limit of 20 kilometres per hour, the user must not be less than 14 years old and must not use or park the e-scooter in a way that obstructs the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

“Fenix is thrilled to forge a long-term exclusive partnership with RAK Transport Authority. With the introduction of e-scooter sharing service in Ras Al Khaimah, residents and tourists will now have a new, affordable, convenient and fun way to move around,” Said Jaideep Dhanoa, co-founder and CEO of Fenix.