mosques reopen
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Dubai: Friday prayers will not be performed on Friday in mosques across the country, despite the reopening of mosques for the five daily prayers since Wednesday.

Friday prayers to remain suspended until further notice, according to  the UAE announcment about the reopening of Mosques this week.

UAE has allowed the reopening of mosques for daily prayers after more than three months of closure as a precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The mosques and other places of worship reopened at 30 per cent capacity, following strict measures to ensure the safety of worshippers. For re-opening of mosques, Islamic authorities announced a slew of guidelines that worshipers must follow, such as leaving an empty row between two occupied rows, wearing face masks and gloves, and bringing their own prayer mats to the mosque.

Worshippers must also follow social –distancing protocols, avoid handshakes, hugs and any other social practices that break physical distance.

Other guidelines include performing ablution at home and ensure you wash your hands with soap, while elderly, children and those with chronic diseases are not allowed to enter mosques.

Worshippers must avoid touching surfaces and doorknobs and evade crowding at mosques, especially at entrances and exits.

Mosques and other places of worship were closed on March 16 after the coronavirus outbreak globally to ensure the safety of community members.