new uae public school uniforms 2022/23
The changes have been introduced to enhance "comfort and elegance" during the school day, said the Emirates Schools Establishment Image Credit: Twitter/@ese_ae

Dubai: All public school pupils in the UAE will be using a new school uniform with effect from the new academic year that begins on August 29.

The Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) said on Twitter that it has introduction the new school uniform for all students of public schools, starting from kindergarten to grade 12.

The new public school uniform provides “comfort and elegance” to a full day of learning, it added. The unified school uniform for kindergarten students suits the nature of their constant physical activity.

The new uniform will be available starting August 15 at LuLu Hypermarket’s 38 outlets across the UAE, as the authorised supplier of new school uniform, which have been “carefully selected across the country for easy availability of the uniform”.

Options for boys and girls

As for girls, it consists of a white shirt with the option of choosing between wide-leg blue pants or a blue dress (school pinafore).

“Elegance and appropriateness” are the main qualities of the new school uniform for public school Cycle 1 students. The uniform consists of a formal white shirt with ESE’s logo and a tie with dark blue pants for boys.

Several options for the new school uniform for students of Cycle 2, consisting of a white shirt (with long or short sleeve) with blue pants and a tie for boys, while girls can choose between a long skirt or wide-leg pants, with long sleeve white shirt.

The uniform for Cycle 3 students consists of a white shirt (with long or short sleeve), a tie and blue pants for boys, and a long sleeve white shirt and either wide-leg blue pants or a long blue skirt for girls.

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“Introducing a new school uniform also reflects ESE’s identity and provides students with several options to choose from, following essential values that reflect the educational environment, which the establishment is keen to provide for public school students,” said the ESE.