Forty-five students of the second year Higher Diploma Business Programme at the Dubai Women's College will undergo four-week work placements in government and private sector organisations.

Ranjit Gajendra, Supervisor of the Higher Diploma Business Programmes Baccalaureate, said that the placement would complement the eight-week work experience they must complete in their third year of study.

"This is the first time we are sending year two students of business in three majors - business administration, accounting and financial services and banking - for work placement. We want to allow them to feel the working atmosphere, to know what kind of careers are available and hopefully to increase the possibility of employment."

After those four weeks, they will write a report on their experience and submit it to their supervisors. He acknowledged the strong support the college was receiving from industry, saying that more and more women graduates were joining the work force.

Fathiya Al Khamiri, Community Relations Supervisor, said last year 550 students, representing 50 per cent of the third year of study, had undergone a work placement stint. This year 750 students will do so.

"Work placement is an integral, compulsory component of all Higher Colleges of Technology programmes. All students undergo placement with an appropriate employer for a period of either four or eight weeks."

She said work placement was an ideal route by which employers could secure national employees who had already gained experience in their company.