UAE meteor shower
The meteor shower is set to reach its zenith on both days — Dec. 14-15, with an impressive display Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

In a celestial spectacle that captivated stargazers across the UAE, the Geminids meteor shower graced the night sky on Thursday evening, painting it with an ethereal display of multicoloured streaks of light.

Despite cloudy forecasts, about more than a hundred meteors streaked across the heavens every hour, creating a mesmerising scene for avid astronomers and casual observers alike.

A gathering of approximately 500 people convened in the vast expanse of Al Qudra Desert to witness this astronomical marvel at an exclusive viewing event organised by the Dubai Astronomy Group.

The Geminid Meteor Shower peaked on Thursday evening and it was a sight to behold Image Credit: AP

Under the meticulous guidance of astronomy enthusiasts, attendees marvelled at the cosmic ballet of shooting stars, as weather conditions defied expectations and provided an unobstructed view of the celestial extravaganza.

Dazzling onlookers

The Geminids meteor shower, renowned as one of the most vibrant and reliable annual meteor showers, lived up to its reputation, dazzling onlookers around the globe. With speeds reaching a staggering 125,528 kilometres per hour, the meteors left trails of brilliance in their wake, leaving spectators in awe.

Nasa, recognising the significance of the Geminids, has consistently hailed it as one of the “best and most reliable annual meteor showers.” The meteors, visible worldwide, offer a breathtaking show as long as the sky remains clear and free from the interference of light pollution.

Meteors are produced when pieces of debris from comets and asteroids enter our planet's atmosphere

For those eager to experience this celestial wonder, the Geminids meteor shower can still be seen in places like Al Qudra Desert, Sharjah on Friday night after 10pm, subject to stable weather conditions.

As per Nasa, the meteor shower is set to reach its zenith on Dec. 14 but can be seen on Dec 15 also, with an impressive display of up to 150 shooting stars streaking across the sky every hour.

Geminid meteors make their annual appearance from December 4 to December 17, according to the UAE Astronomy Center.