Padam nepalese expat wins dh20 million in mahzooz
Padam will also pay of his debts and help the eldery with his prize money Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Nepalese receptionist at a private company in Dubai has won Dh20 million in Mahzooz draw.

Padam - and other winners who separately won Dh1 million and 400g of gold - were today celebrated at the office of Mahzooz’s managing operator EWINGS in Dubai.

Padam, who has been working for the same employer for 23 years, said: “I don’t know what to say. I am elated to say the least. This Eid [will be] unforgettable. My family is super excited to hear the news.”

He said the money translates to 700 million in Nepali rupees. “I will save for my child’s education, build a house in Nepal and help my family and old people in need of help in my country.”

Padam will also utilise a portion of the windfall to cover his ailing wife’s medical expenses and pay off his debts. He wants to settle in the UAE with his family and plans to buy a house here. He said he will continue working for the same company that afforded him and his family a decent life for the past 23 years.

Padam is not new to winning the Mahzooz draw; he had won Dh350 four months ago. He watches the live draw every Saturday, but he was busy on the evening of April 15, when he was announced the winner. He did not realise he had won until he received a call from Mahzooz on Sunday. He initially mistook the call for a joke. However, while on the call, he thought of checking his Mahzooz account and discovered that the news was true.

“I don’t have words to express how overjoyed I am. I never dreamt of owning such a large amount of money. I normally set aside Dh35 every week to participate in Mahzooz, even if it means forsaking a meal or some groceries at times, because I believed that this money would one day give me good returns,” he said.

Padam came to the UAE 23 years ago and has been working for the same employer since. Initially he started working as a house help and then became the employer’s personal driver. Owing to his loyalty, despite approaching his retirement age, the loyal employee was offered the opportunity to work as an office receptionist for the same employer.

The Nepali mega winner is the latest multi-millionaire who made it big at the 124th weekly Mahzooz draw.

Dh1 million winner

The same draw saw Filipino radiographer Sherlon win Dh1 million. He became the sixth “guaranteed” raffle prize winner following the draw’s recently launched prize structure.

“My new born who turns four months has proved lucky for me. I will use the money to secure my future, that of my family. My wife has a dream house she wants back in the Philippines and I will build it for her. I will also secure the money for my child’s education,” Sherlon said.

400g gold prize

At the event, a gold winner was also present. Aboobacker, an Indian national living in Kuwait, flew in for the event after he bagged the last Ramadan raffle prize of 400g of Mahzooz gold coins. The raffle was part of th Golden Ramadan Draw held by Mahzooz.

In an interview with Gulf News, Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, said: “To date, over Dh407 million has been given away in prize money to over 236,000 winners. And we pay the money out immediately. We don’t give it to them in phases.”

(from left) Aboobacker, Padam, Samji, and Sherlon
(from left) Aboobacker, Padam, Samji, and Sherlon at the EWINGS office in Dubai on Wednesday Image Credit: Supplied

He added: “Till date our lowest winner has taken home Dh250. Credit is added instantly to the accounts of winners of small prizes. Our multi-million winners receive their prize money in full, as soon as all customer detail verification is completed. For winners with modest income who are not used to handling large amounts of money, we encourage them to get a professional financial counsel which could potentially help them make sound business and financial decisions.”