Image Credit: Gulf News

Green Mubazzarah Park, in the valley of the majestic Jabel Hafeet mountains in Al Ain, is a real gem among the tourist spots of the UAE.

Anyone who visits this area would certainly be amazed with its unique landscaping and absolute serenity.

Preserving the atmosphere and beauty of this garden is the responsibility of everyone directly or indirectly associated with it.

Unfortunately, when one visits the park on a weekend evening, one is likely to find a very alarming and disturbing situation — all because of a customary merry-making practice called the ‘barbecue'.

Smoke and fire is all around and the entire area becomes polluted. Al Ain has many other spots for such facilities.

Let us free Green Mubazzarah Park from this menace. I hope the concerned authorities would initiate the necessary steps to resolve this problem.

The reader is based in Al Ain.

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