Mireille was encouraged by her brother to participate - and he was the one who broke the news to her that she had won Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In her first participation with Mahzooz draw, a Lebanese-French expat in the UAE has won Dh1 million. Mireille’s ID was selected during the weekly raffle draw on June 3.

The 55-year-old sales manager, who has been living in the UAE for two decades, said: “Since I was still at work on Saturday evening when the draws took place, I did not get to watch the live show. I was happily surprised to learn that I became a millionaire when my brother, who is staying with his family in Abu Dhabi and my friend notified me via text message."

Mireille added: "This is my first attempt ever, and although I had a genuine presentiment I would win with Mahzooz, I seriously did not anticipate attracting such a huge amount on my first trial.”

Charity and investments

After discovering Mahzooz through social media, Mireille had decided to participate at the insistence of her brother.

“My brother and I have already decided that some of this windfall will be donated to charity, because when you are grateful, you feel like sharing your good fortune with others. Although we are still contemplating how to utilise my win wisely, we will be using part of the money for small investments that we will be studying soon,” she said.