Desperate. Gulumkan Toktonalieva with her outpass and visa copies Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/XPRESS

Dubai: A Kyrgyz mum who came to the UAE with big dreams has been stranded in Dubai for the past six months after losing her passport and running out of money.

Gulumkan Toktonalieva, 41, flew to Dubai in December 2017 looking for a job. But as luck would have it, she lost her passport within days of arrival.

“It was the beginning of an ordeal that doesn’t seem to end anytime soon,” Toktonalieva said in broken English. “I couldn’t file a police complaint about the missing passport because they needed copies my passport and tourist visa which were with my travel agent. It took the travel agent almost five months to arrange these documents,” said the mother of three.


Last month, Toktonalieva finally got an outpass, but now she faces another challenge: she doesn’t have the money for a plane ticket to her home town Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.

“Whatever little money I had, I have spent on my food and boarding in Dubai,” she said.

“My whole trip has been such a waste. I just want to go back home and desperately need help to buy a plane ticket,” she said.

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