Burj Khalifa Hanukkah
Image Credit: Twitter.com/netanyahu

Dubai: Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has tweeted on Sunday about the Hanukkah celebrations taking place in Dubai. “Hanukkah in Dubai, at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. Exciting!”

This year, Hanukkah, which kicked off on Thursday brings with it a significant era for the Jewish community in the UAE, who joined in on celebrations hosted at the Armani Hotel at the base of the Burj Khalifa.

The photo he posted included an angled shot of the iconic Dubai skyscraper with a Menorah in the foreground. The Menorah is one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith. It is a nine-branched candelabra and is used in Hanukkah to symbolise the miracle that a day's worth of oil lasted eight days. The candle in the middle is the one used to light the other eight.

These celebrations are taking place in Dubai following the signing of the Abrahamic Peace Agreement. Rabbi Levi Duchman told Gulf News in an earlier report, that this year the UAE is expected to host thousands of Jews from all over the world including Israel, the US and Europe.