Dubai Health Authority e-learning from home
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Dubai teachers, students and pupils are sharing posts online as youngsters continue e-learning, and they are perfect examples of how UAE schoolgoers have adapted to coronavirus related precautionary measures.

The hashtag #InThisTogetherDubai trended on Twitter in the UAE as school staff and students shared how classes successfully continue from homes and assignments are being completed.

Students share their work

Youngsters took to their social media platforms to share the work they have been doing from home.

Tweep @Aashika190810 posted a clip of her demonstrating a science experiment in detail and wrote: “Research on does ice melt faster in fresh or saltwater? Enjoying my e_Learning #InThisTogetherDubai #StayAtHome”

Fiona Cottam, @Principal_HIS, principal at Hartland International School Dubai, shared a student’s picture with his project and wrote: “Year 7 were introduced to direct proportion. Their task over the weekend was to find a recipe that they could alter using direct proportion and prove it would be still successful. Mathematics in real life. #homelearning.”

Teachers get creative

Teachers from across Dubai shared creative ways they are thinking of for passing on knowledge and teaching students on online platforms.

Tweep @j_davis253, who describes herself as a third grade teacher, posted a video of sending a virtual certificate to one of her students and wrote: “Always finding new ways to inspire kiddos to do their best work. He was so excited he called back to show his mom! #leopardpride #creativity #Hardwork #InThisTogetherDubai”

Another teacher, @yellowroach posted: “How do you make your class move and exercise while learning? Play scavenger hunt! We played this game to revise the different properties of everyday materials and they all loved it! #DeiraPrivateSchool #khda #InThisTogetherDubai”

Twitter user @EddieMc1981 and educationist based in Dubai, as per his Twitter bio, had a task for his students: “I challenged my class to wear their uniforms during our live session today @BrightonDubai. They didn’t let me down. Telling a child to tuck their shirt in online was definitely a new one for me. @KHDA #InThisTogetherDubai”

Parents join in

Parents, who have also had to adjust to the changes on their children’s routines and online classes, also used the hashtag to share their experiences.

Dubai based Twitter user @Catboy92 shared an artwork made by his daughter with the caption: “Came home today to find my daughter had made this poster about the positives of the world’s current situation. Worth a share. Very proud of her.”

Earlier, Gulf News had reported that various UAE private schools took almost full “attendance” on day one of e-learning after campuses closed on March 8 as a precaution against coronavirus.

There were technical setbacks in individual cases but no major disruptions were reported as classes moved online. Since then, both students and school staff have adjusted to the changes.

According to such social media posts, pupils and teachers seem to have gotten used to online learning and studies are continuing with full force.