Elina Nikolaevna, Manager, Illimite Migration Image Credit: Supplied

Illimite Migration is advancing their immigration services to the next level. The Caribbean passport is no longer for luxury nowadays, it is also one of the fastest ways to avail of second citizenship, allowing anyone to travel without a visa around the globe.

Elina Nikolaevna, Manager of Illimite, said, "Our excellent services to our clients for 5 years now, precise and smooth process, as well as professional and personal management to each of our applicants with very competitive prices, have been the highlights of our success," said Nikolaevna.

Illimite advises applicants on second passport services according to the size of the family and their needs as listed below:

1. A family of 6 would be good to apply for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment through NDF option for as low as $150,000, including Government Processing Fees. Other due diligence fees including passport issuance and processing fees are exclusive and the fees are calculated as per each applicant’s age.

2. For a single applicant, Dominica is the best and cheapest option, with prices including donation and other Government fees totally only to around $110,000.

4. For those specifically looking for a free visa to China or applying for a USA E2 treaty investor Visa, Grenada could be an excellent option. Prices for Grenada Citizenship by Investment starts at $150,000 for a single applicant or $200,000 for a family of four if applying through the Donation Option. Main applicants, irrespective of the number of dependents can obtain second passports for $220,000 through a property investment.

What is so great about Caribbean passports is, no matter which island you want to apply for, it gives you the opportunity for easy travel to more than 140 visa-free countries including the UK, the entire Shenzhen Zone, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and more. Moreover, a Caribbean passport means zero taxation on worldwide income, with low taxes applicable only if you do business in the Caribbean territories.

Through the years, Illimite has striven to provide only the best and quality service, which continuously gets stronger in dealing with Citizenship by Investment. Elina Nikolaevna is the General Manager of Illimite Migration, and is the sole person managing applicants personally. The brand has an office situated in the heart of the Marina with its building attached to the Marina Mall and the famous Pier 7, on the 29th floor, overlooking the magnificent view of the Marina in the middle of Damac Properties and the DMCC Metro Station.

Illimite Migration is open from 10am-7pm, Sunday to Thursday. For any queries, Nikolaevna can be contacted directly on her email address: