Elina M. Nikolaevna, Founder and General Manager, Illimite Migration Image Credit: Supplied

Established close to five years ago, Illimite Migration has made a name for itself in a saturated market such as the immigration and second citizenship by investment in the UAE. Illimite Migration succeeded in its mission of taking up only genuine and legitimate cases, says its General Manager, Elina M. Nikolaevna. “We have a unique, qualified team here at Illimite, supervised and aided by legal professionals. We focus on quality, dedication and passion in our work. Our mission of improving lives of the people who are entrusting us and feeding us with positive feedback and reviews is what has kept this team going and allowed us to thrive in the industry.”

Illimite Migration is a one-stop provider for a better life destination. The team is specialised in the entire immigration process, from the first step of the application to receiving the visa or having the second passport, which is the dream of every non-native speaking national who aspires to be in his respective destination. “We offer a bouquet of services to our valued clientele such as the Canadian and Australian immigration applications, options for permanent residency by investment, citizenship by investment, processing visit and tourist visas. Moreover, we also have an in-house training session for IELTS (International English Language Testing System),” says Nikolaevna.

Additionally, Illimite’s service portfolio, which includes residency by investment, also processes applications for the coveted UK Innovator Visa (for investors) and Sole Representative Visa, which allows a senior employee (individually) of an overseas business to enter the UK and establish to run a registered UK branch or a wholly owned subsidiary of the business in the UK.

Illimite also receives a lot of requests for processing second passport through citizenship by investment programmes for Caribbean nations. “Through the years, we have processed numerous successful applications in the CBI sector to the Caribbean such as the Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis and their numbers are increasing. The Caribbean nations are comparatively easier as their regulatory policies and investment options are very reasonable. Perhaps that’s the reason much interest is being generated on CBI options in this part of the world,” says Nikolaevna.