Dubai: There were only four cases of human trafficking recorded by Dubai Police in the first half of this year, an official said on Tuesday.

Colonel Dr Sultan Al Jammal, director of the Dubai Police Human Trafficking Crime Control Centre, said there has been a significant drop in human trafficking cases in Dubai in the last three years.

Latest statistics revealed by Dubai Police showed that the number dropped from nine in the first half of 2015 to four in the first half of this year.

“There were four victims and 16 suspects involved in human trafficking cases this year while there were nine victims and 15 suspects in the first half of last year,” Col Al Jammal said.

He attributed the decline to awareness campaigns and training courses conducted by the UAE National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking.

Flyers have been distributed in airports and consulates.

Col Al Jammal said tough sentences in human trafficking cases also helped reduce the incidence of the crime.

Meanwhile, the centre provided financial aid to 13 human trafficking victims this year and legal aid to 16. Last year, financial aid was provided to 18 victims and legal aid to 17.

Col Al Jammal pointed out that Dubai Police have a programme called ‘You are not alone’ to support human trafficking victims.

“The programme follows up with victims, especially women, to provide support. We have also programmes to spread awareness among the society about the human trafficking in order to help the concerned authority to put an end for the crime,” he added.