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  • Sharjah Government Communication Award dedicates brand new categories to celebrate leaders in social and developmental work
  • Prestigious global award now accepting submissions until August 15.
  • Awards recognise exceptional government, semi-government, private entities, and individuals.
  • Dedicated award to highlight creative and impactful volunteer campaigns SGCA honours an influential personality to celebrate and highlight the power of a single individual in creating positive change in society.

Sharjah: The 10th annual Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) has announced the addition of new categories in its illustrious repertoire of recognitions in order to expand its role in highlighting remarkable innovations and achievements of government communication, both at an organisational and individual level, locally and internationally to deliver positive societal impact.

The prestigious global award is accepting submissions until August 15, and will be honouring pioneers and changemakers who have executed successful campaigns, strategies and communication efforts aimed at developmental and social work.


The award also honours those who fulfill social responsibility, in addressing key societal issues such as food security and environmental challenges, and in raising public awareness, motivating positive behaviours, and encouraging constructive steps to overcome crises and build more resilient communities.

The new award categories will also recognise the leadership of semi-government bodies, private companies, big corporations and international organisations in addressing these pressing challenges.

Developmental challenges

One of SGCA’s new award categories, Best Communication Plan to Support Food Security Programmes, recognises governmental, semi-governmental, private and international organisations or civil society groups. The global category honours communication plans that effectively support a food security programme by formulating solutions, raising awareness of challenges, or mobilising global efforts to address sustainability and access to food for communities facing challenges.

Another notable addition is the Best Communication Practices or Campaigns Addressing Developmental Challenges award category, to highlight programmes that support SMEs, skill-building, crafts and family projects, and facilitate access to funding. This global category acknowledges outstanding communication campaigns that effectively tackle economic and social challenges.

Best Communication Practices in Volunteer Campaign

SGCA has also introduced the Best Communication Practices in Volunteer Campaign global category this year, to honour exemplary efforts by government, semi-government and private entities worldwide. The award highlights the significance of volunteer campaigns in strengthening national endeavours and their tangible social and personal impact on large segments of society.

Social impact driver

The global award, the Best Positive Social Impact Driver, is aimed at honouring influential figures, media and social media personalities who have leveraged their outreach and influence to set a good example, and inspire, engage, and make a positive impact on society.

Moreover, to support innovation and continuously re-invent the communication methods, the SGCA has created a new global category for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Communication to Serve Community, honouring entities that achieved tangible results by employing AI technology creatively in communication aimed at community development.

Environment and social responsibility

Furthermore, SGCA 2023 will be honouring government, semi-government, private entities, and media houses that have demonstrated exceptional efforts in creating media content or programmes that have yielded tangible and measurable results in heightening awareness about environmental risks, and promoted eco-friendly solutions and practices, with its Best Communication Initiative or Media Content for Environmental Awareness global award.

Within its Arab awards category, SGCA’s Best Social Responsibility Campaign honours commendable communication practices employed by government, semi-government, private and international entities. Their campaigns need to promote social responsibility and also effectively contribute to the successful acceptance of government policies aimed at serving societal interests, in the UAE or the broader Arab region.

How to apply

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) invites all entities and individuals to submit their applications for the SGCA award by August 15, 2023.

Interested parties are required to complete an online submission on the website, ensuring all necessary information is accurately provided. SGCA allows all entities and individuals in the realm of communication across the UAE and Arab countries to either apply for the Arab or global award categories, depending on the competitiveness of their application against nominees from other countries worldwide.

The SGCA was launched by the SGMB as a groundbreaking initiative in the region. The award celebrates innovative ideas domestically, regionally and internationally, that foster collaboration across societies to pave the way for future achievements. To ensure fairness and transparency, the award is judged through a higher jury committee and specialised sub-committees of distinguished experts and academics. The selection process adheres to stringent professional standards, guaranteeing the winners are chosen with utmost integrity.