Tawam Hospital. According to the 2020 Medical Tourism Index ranking, Abu Dhabi was ranked the 8th best global destination for medical tourism. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has seen its extensive telemedicine services become primary communication channels for overseas patients seeking specialised medical care in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi’s robust healthcare system, with its highly trained medical professionals, is fast making it the city of choice for medical tourism.

According to the 2020 Medical Tourism Index ranking, Abu Dhabi was ranked the 8th best global destination for medical tourism.

With around 50,000 virtual consultations in 2021, SEHA’s Telemedicine Virtual Outpatient Clinic represents the network’s commitment to increasing global access to Abu Dhabi’s healthcare system. The network has also launched specialised telemedicine services for psychiatric patients and the SEHA mobile application so patients from around the globe can easily access SEHA’s varied services through several channels.

For instance, recently, doctors from Tawam Hospital successfully completed a minimally invasive spinal surgery on an overseas telemedicine patient. The individual had been suffering from a severe spinal condition resulting in chronic and debilitating pain for over nine years. The detrimental impact on her quality of life and barriers to care in her home country persuaded her to consider medical tourism.

Elaborating on the case and the role of telemedicine in Abu Dhabi’s growing medical tourism landscape, Dr. M. Ziad Aljian, Consultant Orthopaedic, Tawam Hospital, SEHA, said: “The patient reached out to us through our telemedicine service and was in extreme pain at the time of her diagnosis. Our team at Tawam is well-equipped to provide medical assistance to overseas patients in need. The minimally invasive spinal surgery was a success, and the patient was mobilised, through physiotherapy, the very next day. In two weeks, she was back in her home country and was monitored by our team through regular telemedicine follow-ups. Today, she has a normal, pain-free life.”

The patient said: “Abu Dhabi and Tawam Hospital were the perfect choice for my surgery. The telemedicine feature was such a blessing from the point I scheduled my first appointment to the post-op follow-up. My life prior to the surgery was extremely hard, but today, thanks to Dr. Ziad and his team, I am pain-free and looking forward to finally being able to live and enjoy my life.”

Tawam Hospital is a JCI accredited, integrated and tertiary referral hospital encompassing major specialties and medical facilities such as ICU, ER, MRI, X-Ray, pathology, laboratory, pharmacy, specialty clinics, academic programs hospital with highly experienced and qualified medical consultants and characterised by an efficient appointment process and less waiting time.

To find out more about Tawam Hospital’s telemedicine services and surgical capabilities, patients can call 800 50 or visit the SEHA website. They can also book an appointment through the SEHA Mobile app or contact 02-4102200.