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The best investment you can make today

Dr Feruza Gafarova

"The pandemic made people aware that your health is your real wealth. We can now offer executive check-ups that can fit most budgets, every schedule, and every lifestyle. Our hormone replacement is less likely to produce serious side effects by relying on individualised natural hormones compounded after testing the liver’s ability to detoxify the products. We maximise the body’s immunity by optimising the level of Vitamin D, probiotics and intravenous chelating agents or Vitamin C, especially in diabetic patients,” said Dr Feruza Gafarova, General Practitioner, Novomed Executive Check-up Programmes. 

The eyes today are the lips of yesterday

Dr Razan Kadry

"With masks becoming part of life, the eyes have now to do all the talking and smiling. People are looking for safer and minimally invasive eye rejuvenation. We offer individualised packages that suit each person’s skin condition, skin color and anatomy. It is therefore very common to use several technologies to address wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, and dark circles," said Dr Razan Kadry, American-Board-certified Consultant Dermatologist.

Weightloss procedures

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"It is now possible. Losing weight is relatively easy. Maintaining the new weight is much harder. Weight-loss procedures carry risks, especially when surgeons are on a learning curve. However, the risk of surgery among appropriate patients is much less than the risk of obesity and diabetes. Bariatric surgery, especially when performed early may cure diabetes. We offer a two-year follow up programme to minimise the risks of nutritional imbalances and maximise the long-term success rate,” said Dr Samir Rahmani, Consultant General Surgeon, Novomed.

Lockdown impact

Dr Samar Mansour

Globally, prolonged lockdowns are delaying herd immunity and causing more harm than good, leading to depression, while also diverting medical resources away from and even leading to deaths among non-Covid patients.

“The superb management of the pandemic by the UAE has allowed for the country to be among the first to reopen its economy safely. However, to ensure your safety, wear masks in crowded indoor areas, eat good food, preferably cooked at home, ensure good sleep and follow hand hygiene etiquette. Take the approved booster jabs when indicated, and quit smoking.

“It is important to note that PCR testing could be positive beyond nine days but non-contagious, as fragments of the virus are present for up to five weeks. It is not uncommon to suffer for several months in the post-Covid period,” said Dr Samar Mansour, Pulmonologist, Director, Novomed Virtual Post-Covid Rehabilitation.

Zoom resulting in aesthetic boom

Dr Basil Hassouneh

"The reliance on teleconferencing and selfies has placed serious pressure on people to improve their facial skin imperfections. Natural and predictable results are what people want and not the exaggerated overdone appearances that gave the aesthetic industry a bad reputation," said Dr Basil Hassouneh, Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon, Novomed Centers. 

Happiness is not just a state of mind

Dr Mazen Hammoude

The pandemic and lockdowns and ensuing financial losses, death of loved ones and job insecurity resulted in an epidemic of addiction to social media, loneliness, divorces, emotional eating, anxiety, and depression. We have today DNA-testingbased programmes to individualise and optimise the choice of medication when necessary. We also use Transcranial Electrical Nerve Stimulation to minimise or avoid the use of antidepressants," Dr Mazen Hammoude, Consultant Psychiatrist, Scan the QR Director, Novomed Psychiatry and Neurology Clinics.