Marwan Abdul Aziz Al Janahi, Managing Director, Dubai Science Park, speaking to Gulf News at Arab Health 2022 in Dubai on Tuesday Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Science Park will launch three new research and development (R&D) labs this year, its managing director told Gulf News at Arab Health 2022 on Tuesday in Dubai.

Marwan Abdul Aziz Al Janahi said the park has “nurtured” over 4,000 healthcare related professionals to pursue R&D and manufacturing and evolved into an entrepreneurial hub with activities such as vaccine research and manufacture, medicine and healthcare equipment production, and genomic research.

“The idea of Dubai Science Park was conceived in 2005 and we started operations in 2009. Today, we have several international and indigenous R&D bodies, conducting research and manufacturing locally,” he added.

“For instance, do you know why the Metro Stations have not required a fresh coat of paint? That’s because the paint manufacturing company, Jotun, came out with an alternative sustainable variety of paint suited to the region that remains unchanged for years.”

Diverse fields

Al Janahi said: “There are many other fields of R&D and we are opening three new labs this year. We are committed to not only providing employment for our indigenous science students enrolled at local schools and colleges but building a whole new self-supporting eco-system of R&D and manufacturing in the science and technology field that is sustainable and suitable for the country.”