Video Credit: Irish Eden Belleza/Gulf News

Working out while fasting can be very beneficial as long as you understand your fitness goal and work accordingly — and keep in mind that while fasting, your blood sugar level is low and you are dehydrated. During fasting hours, I would recommend low to medium impact workouts that take you to 110-140bpm (beats per minute) heart rate. High intensity workouts are best avoided any sort of dizziness or severe thirst.

Here are five fundamental moves that will help you improve or maintain your fitness level during Ramadan.

1. Back Row to Dead Lift

One of the most incredible moves to develop your entire back muscles (Hamstring — Glutes Lower Back — Spine Erectors — Lats and Lower Traps) just by hip hinging and rowing those elbows backwards to your sides. Do this move for two sets of eight-12 reps.

2. Man Maker (Biceps Curl to Over Head Press to Triceps Extension)

That will improve the strength of your whole arm, developing the long head of your biceps which is responsible for most lifting moves and work on the front side of your deltoids, which is responsible for most of the raising moves (shoulders) and finally your triceps that gives a huge support to most of the pushing moves. Do this move for two sets of 10-15 reps.

3. Squat to Back Lunge

Your legs have the largest muscle group in your body and that’s why they often say ‘weak legs is a weak body’. Squats will work on your front side of the legs (Quads muscle) that play a huge role in getting up. Split lunges will work more on your glutes that gives a good support to your lower body stability and balance. Do this move for two sets of 8-12 reps.

4. Push up to Knee Tuck Across

Push ups are a stone age unbeatable strength move that must be added to any routine that works all your anterior (front) muscles of your body. And adding a knee tuck to opposite elbow will allow your body to work harder because of the stability demand since you will be on one leg and therefore engage your lower abdominal to be more active. Do this move for two sets of eight-12 reps.

5. Sit-up to Russian Twist

We all want to have a smaller, shredded and flatter tummy and regular crunches are just one of the moves to help out. Add a twist on the top of the move and that will allow you to engage more muscles and mainly the obliques (side abs), which is a huge trouble for most people and are barely trained or added in an abs routine. Do this move for two sets of 10-12 reps.


Try to do these five moves in a circuit training twice to three times a week between 8-14 reps on each move for a period of 20 minutes after a good warm up and stretching and you will notice a massive improvement in your posture and overall strength.

— Mostafa Mersal is the lead coach of Ftiness Bootcamp DXB. Follow them on Instagram at @fbcdxb.