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The various units under Burjeel Holdings are at the forefront of offering leading-edge care to cancer patients in the UAE and beyond

Integrating the extensive knowledge and experience of its multidisciplinary team of experts, the different units under Burjeel Holdings offer compassionate and personalized care to cancer patients in the UAE. The hospitals under the Burjeel, Medeor, Lifecare, and LLH brands across the UAE offer comprehensive treatments for all types of cancers. More than 17 cancer specialists across the group’s units provide expert care that focuses on patient well-being.

From screening to treatment and recovery, the full range of cancer care is offered to adult and pediatric patients. These facilities provide access to the latest cancer care, including minimally invasive surgical procedures, anti-cancer drugs, and novel and targeted therapies.

Prof. Humaid Al Shamsi, Consultant and Director of Oncology Services, Burjeel Holdings

Through a coordinated approach, these hospitals offer complex end-to-end care for breast cancer through medical and surgical treatment as well as radiation and reconstruction surgery. Similarly, they offer end-to-end treatment including post-surgical intervention for other diseases like GI cancers, gynecological cancers, thoracic cancers, colorectal cancers, and lung cancer. A dedicated pediatric team specializing in pediatric oncology, neuro-oncology surgery and pediatric bone marrow transplantation is focused on caring for children of all ages with common to complex cancers. These units also have special expertise in endocrine cancers and have experienced endocrine surgeons specializing in treating thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal gland cancers. These hospitals also extend support in helping patients manage cancer’s emotional and physical challenges. Another highlight is the palliative care support offered to cancer patients to optimize their quality of life.

Prof. Humaid Al Shamsi, Consultant and Director of Oncology Services, Burjeel Holdings, added, “We are proud to be recognized as a comprehensive cancer center in the UAE that is accredited by the European Society for Medical Oncology as Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care Center. Burjeel Medical City uses advanced technology to streamline precision radiation oncology treatments. We are also proud of our pediatric bone marrow transplant (BMT) program and allogenic BMT for adults program in the UAE. We have a BRAINLAB facility in the UAE, which provides specialized radiation for patients with brain cancers.”

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