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What do I do if I have been diagnosed with diabetes? Go to my doctor, who will test and advise me how my body is performing today. This is also where I will learn what blood sugar is and how it forms within our bodies, and why I should be careful not to allow too much blood glucose to be formed, as it is going to harm my body in the long run.

Every doctor, diabetes nurse and nutritionist will advise you to regularly monitor your blood glucose on a day-to-day basis, so you can test, track, monitor and manage your diabetes better.

Medical technologies are constantly evolving and that is where Trister USA has positioned itself as a company to care for people with diabetes. In a world full of technologies, Trister has crafted out a simple-to-use yet innovatively functional blood glucose monitoring system that can be used by both people with diabetes, and by healthcare professionals in their clinics and hospitals.

Jairaj Marat, Brand Head, Trister

The Trister TS380BG is a blood glucose metre that is both US FDA and European CE Certified, and has all the leading technical capabilities to test most people with diabetes, turning out lab-like test results. Accuracy, made simple!

The metre also uses Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the app, where every result can now be stored, viewed and tracked. You have special features to mark each test as before or after food and even tag your food pictures, alongwith a host of more interesting features. All of this can easily be shared with your doctor or diabetes nurse or nutritionist, who can be your partner in managing your diabetes.

Trister also makes special Multi Parameter Blood Test Metres. The Trister TS391MC makes it easy and convenient to check your cholesterol and uric acid from the comfort of your home, and is an excellent point-of-care test device for every doctor in their clinic.

The Trister brand is available in all leading pharmacies in the UAE and you are not far from one. To learn more, do visit and or write to