Dubai Health Authority Noor Dubai Foundation Senegal
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Noor Dubai Foundation has benefited more than 4,000 people suffering from cataract and other visual impairment through its mobile camp in Senegal, which took place from December 17 – 22.

This is in line with the objectives of the Noor Dubai Foundation of providing treatment to preventable forms of blindness, preventing the spread of diseases that cause blindness and educating the public about the causes of blindness and how to prevent them.

The non-profit organisation, which has benefited more than 27 million individuals since its inception in 2008, organised the camp in partnership with the ministry of Health in Senegal in light of the Year of Tolerance.

The camp was located in the city of Mékhé, 150km away from the capital. Mékhé is home to 186,157 people who don’t have access to an eye doctor and so have to travel 120km to reach one.

The long distances and limited financial means makes access to these health services more difficult, which is why Noor Dubai chose to set up the mobile camp there.

Through the mobile eye camp, the foundation provided 4,000 people with eye check-ups, 356 surgeries and 1,000 eyeglasses.

Dr Manal Trayam, Board Member and CEO of Noor Dubai Foundation said that according to the World Health Organisation around 253 million people worldwide suffer from visual impairment, out of which, 80 per cent could have been treated or prevented.

Dr Taryam said that Noor Dubai Foundation has, since its inception, provided treatment to preventable forms of blindness to those with limited means and living in areas with limited access to eye care and healthcare in Asia and Africa. She said that 263,438 benefited from eye check-ups, 26,600 received surgeries and 62,034 eyeglasses were distributed.

In addition to providing treatment and preventive programmes, the foundation aims, through its mobile camps, to empower community members to improve the economic and social situation of individuals through providing them with the needed treatment.

Dr Manal said the main cause of visual impairment among adults is cataract followed by refractive vision. She added that cataract, which is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision can be easily reversed with the right treatment.

“Through receiving treatment, patients are able to go back to their daily lives and carry on their jobs and social responsibilities, leading to an improved economic and social conditions for those receiving treatment,” said Dr Taryam, who pointed out that studies have shown that cataract surgery contributes to alleviating poverty and improving the individual’s life and family economy.

The Noor Dubai Foundation team met the city’s governor on his visit to the camp. The governor praised the efforts of the charity in the field of combating blindness at an international level and expressed his great gratitude to the UAE government and people.