DHA eye test at school
The screenings included basic vision tests (visual acuity) Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA’s) Public Health Protection Department completed a vision-screening campaign across Dubai schools. The campaign took place from October 2022 until the end of March 2023 and vision-screening was conducted for more than 26,700 students from various schools in Dubai.

The campaign took place in collaboration with Al Jaber Optical. The vision-screening was conducted by optometrists from Al Jaber Optical’s team and included basic vision tests (visual acuity). The campaign also included awareness about eye care and the importance of regular eye examinations.

Dr. Ramadan Ibrahim Al Blooshi, Acting Director at DHA’s Public Health & Protection Department, said: “In line with our commitment to ensure optimum health of students, we regularly conduct health awareness campaigns to educate children on health and wellbeing as well as reinforce the importance of preventive care and early detection.”

Al Blooshi expressed his appreciation to Al Jaber Optical for supporting this important school health campaign as well as the management of schools in Dubai for supporting such public health initiatives.

Regular screenings

Sana Naser, Acting Health of School Health Sector at DHA’s Public Health Protection Department, said: “Unlike adults, children might not realise they have a vision problem, so regular eye tests from the time children start school is important to ensure vision problems do not go undetected and to prevent further loss of vision. Regular screenings are important to detect any changes in the eye that require early intervention and treatment, this ensures the child’s health is protected as well as their learning journey is not adversely impacted.”

She added: “We are thankful to all our partners who support us in such important public health campaigns to ensure we can provide the best possible health education campaigns to school-going children to support their growth and development.”

Ahmed Abdulla Jaber Belshalat, Managing Director of Al Jaber Optical, said: “Our ambition is not limited to providing world-class services; we also aspire to contribute positively towards the society through various campaigns that aim at raising awareness among people about their eye health. Reading, writing and using computers are the major visual tasks students have to perform on a daily base. For instance, education will suffer when the child’s vision is not functioning correctly due to refraction errors such as myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. The programme plays a crucial role in assisting parents and education staff to enhance the well-being of children’s eyesight.”

A complimentary eye test for students aged 12 and above is available across all Al Jaber Optical stores. Students need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian.