File photo. Surgery in progress inside the operating theater of the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai. Image Credit: Courtesy: Saudi German Hospital

Dubai: Doctors saved a man’s life by reconstructing his stomach using his small intestines in a landmark surgery at Saudi German Hospital recently.

Mohammad Rafaat, 66, from Nigeria was diagnosed with stomach cancer and aneruysms of the illiac arteries and lower aorta.

He visited several Dubai hospitals but only Saudi German Hospital was prepared to handle his case.

The gastroenterology department confirmed the stomach cancer diagnosis with an endoscopic ultrasound and the tumour board recommended a total removal of the stomach.

Aneurysms were treated with endovascular stenting and 24 hours later the patient underwent a six hour surgery to remove the stomach and reconstruct a new organ using the small intestine.

The patient is now doing well and undergoing chemotherapy for stage three cancer.