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Dr Philippe Landreau, Chief Medical Officer of Dxbone conducts live surgery in a webinar to 7,000 practitioners on November 7 Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai doctor carried out a live shoulder surgery webinar to over 7,000 practitioners worldwide last Thursday.

Dr Philippe Landreau, Chief Medical Officer of DxBone took part in the ‘All around the world, all around the shoulder’ demonstration that saw eight live shoulder surgeries take place in seven different countries.

Dr Landreau communicated globally with his team during the ‘mini open latarjet’ surgery.

Before the surgery Dr Landreau explained the history of the procedure and its evolution.

He then started the procedure on the patient and gave a step-by-step explanation of the surgery to the 7,000 practitioners who were following live online.

After the surgery, which was deemed a ‘great success’, Dr Landreau took part in a live question and answer session via webcast moderated from Shanghai with over 200 surgeons in the room.

Live surgery is a new concept to bring surgeons together from all over the world and enables UAE-based experts to serve the international community by passing on their surgical knowledge and experience.