Sarah Mattar has had her vision fully restored at a Dubai clinic. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Saudi patient who had undertaken botched eye surgeries leaving her partially blind has had her vision fully restored at a Dubai clinic.

A decade ago, Sarah Mattar had laser-eye surgery — also known by its acronym LASIK — to correct short-sightedness.

However, her vision began to deteriorate, so she had underwent another LASIK enhancement in another hospital in Bahrain.

The second surgery failed, and left her with serious complications in both eyes. Cells had begun to grow under the corneal flap that is cut during surgery, which blurred her vision.

Her eyesight continued to worsen until she was unable to see clearly and was in some pain.

During this time, in physical and emotional pain, Mattar also found work difficult. She was anxious about further treatment — and the risk of losing her vision.

“A few days later I did not feel comfortable at all,” said Matar, recalling the experience after her failed corrective surgery in December.

“I began not to see properly, no matter what I did, no matter how much I wore glasses, I could not see,” she told Gulf News.

“I lived in difficult, harsh and painful times, especially as I work as a writer and novelist. I was very bitter, as my life had changed because I could not see properly.”

She then consulted a number of eye doctors, who recommended surgery as soon as possible.

After corrective surgery at the Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai — which saw specialists use a new technique which glues the corneal flap to the eye — Mattar could see clearly from the very next day. She now enjoys 20/20 vision.

“We are delighted that Sarah has her vision back and is able to live normally and write again,” said Dr Osama Giledi, a consultant ophthalmologist at the clinic.

The eye doctor — who has performed more than 23,000 laser eye correction surgeries — warned that patients should understand the potential risks and limitations of surgery.

“Patients should only do this surgery once, ideally,” said Dr Giledi.

“All laser vision correction surgeries work by reshaping the cornea but not all results are the same.”


I want to fix my sight with laser eye surgery – should I be scared?

No. Worldwide, millions of people have undergone the surgery, which is used to treat patients with near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. An estimated 98 per cent of people report perfect or near-perfect vision very soon afterwards.

Although LASIK surgery typically has a short recovery time, with patients often going back to work the next day — some experience discomfort one or two days after.

Other wide effects include dry eyes, seeing halos around images, difficulty driving at night, and fluctuating vision.