Dubai Health Authority free medicine delivery service
Image Credit: Supplied

To ensure that those who are most vulnerable to the symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are safe and healthy at home, Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Dawa’ee service is delivering medication to the homes of the elderly and people of determination.

Dr Ali Al Sayed, Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department at DHA, said the authority launched the Dawa’ee service last year to provide added comfort to the elderly and people of determination who require medicines on a regular basis to treat conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr Al Sayed said the service is now being provided at a bigger scale due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and calls by the government to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus.

“The Dawa’ee delivery service is now covering all of Dubai. We are conducting 300 deliveries per day during this time and we are planning to expand to other emirates in the near future.”

He explained that by providing this service the authority is ensuring that the targeted segment are receiving their medication on time, are not having to leave their home to get their medication — hence are protecting themselves from getting COVID-19 — and are complying with government guidelines.

Patients who have a valid prescription from a DHA health facility and are Emiratis or have a valid ENAYA or SAADA health insurance programme are eligible for this service. They can log onto the DHA website,, and request for the home delivery service.

Patients are required to provide a preferred date of delivery, last appointment details and customer information.

All medications can be delivered except narcotic medication and medication used specifically in hospitals.

How to apply for DHA’s free medicine delivery service Dawa’ee

1. Make sure you have a valid prescription from a DHA facility.

2. Fill the request form available on the DHA website or by calling 800 342.

3. The pharmacist will prepare the medication for delivery and update the order in the system.

4. The pharmacist will deliver the medication to your home and provide necessary counselling after receiving your signature.