Dubai Health Authority coronavirus
Image Credit: Supplied

On March 12, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said that it is continuing to take strong and comprehensive preventive measures to protect the community from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

DHA reinforced its preventive programme and is running campaigns to raise awareness about essential precautionary measures and practices required to combat the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of the residents of Dubai.

Measures taken by DHA include thorough screenings of passengers travelling into Dubai from across the world through its airports, ports and border checkpoints, especially from countries that have high infection rates of COVID-19. Specialised medical teams are conducting laboratory sampling and following up on suspected cases.

Dr Badreya Al Harmi, Director of Public Health Protection Department at the DHA, said the Authority has implemented an effective monitoring system for detecting individuals infected by coronavirus.

She said the system facilitates identification of coronavirus cases with high precision and supports medical teams in tracking and following up on those who had contact with confirmed cases. The system adheres to international standards and protocols recognised by the World Health Organisation.

Dr Badreya stressed that all precautionary procedures implemented in this regard are being carried out in coordination and cooperation with concerned authorities, including the Ministry of Health and Prevention, as well as crisis and emergency committees.

She said DHA has issued comprehensive guidelines for all government and private health facilities in Dubai and conducted training workshops for their staff.

DHA has also issued an educational guide designed to raise awareness among all members of society with simple, clear and straightforward information about COVID-19. The guide was issued to help all institutions in Dubai disseminate accurate information about the coronavirus and raise awareness on essential preventive measures

Dr Badreya said that the Authority has raised awareness about precautionary measures in schools and universities. It has also issued a clear and detailed guide on procedures for school bus sterilisation and cleaning and disinfection of public transport.

DHA has an integrated preventive system managed by specialised medical and technical experts equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, she said.

Dr Badreya urged members of the public to follow preventive steps and instructions issued by the DHA and other official health authorities in the UAE and avoid misinformation from unofficial sources.