Dubai: The UAE Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community welcomed the visit of Syedi Aaliqadr Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin, successor to their leader Sultan Ul Bohra, the 52nd Dai el Fatimi, Dr Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) on Friday.

During his stopover in Dubai, he greeted local representatives, and addressed members of the community, welcoming the holy month of Ramadan.
On visits to Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, he urged the Bohra Muslim communities to be loyal to countries where they reside. He also addressed environmental concerns and facilitated tree planting projects in Tanzania. 
In the UAE, he urged the Bohra community to work with the local authorities to enhance the greenery in the country.

Last quarter of 2012 marked Saifuddin’s first visit to the UAE during which he met the Bohra community.

During the time, he announced a gift of Dh21 million for members of the community in the form of “Qardhan Hasanah” or interest-free loans.

Saifuddin lauded the leaders of the UAE. He said that their affection for the people, vision and farsightedness has turned UAE into one of the fastest developing and prosperous nations in the world, while preserving the basic values of humanism, Islamic heritage and peace.

The Bohras came to the UAE from India some 60 years ago. According to Gulf News archives, more than 10,000 live in the UAE out of the estimated one million around the world.

The Bohras have mosques in the Gulf including the UAE and Bahrain. In the UAE, the community mosques are located in Deira, Sharjah and Al Ghusais among other places.