A staffer checks a man's temperature
A staffer checks a man's temperature before conducting a new coronavirus detection test at a drive-thru testing facility in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: The UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention announced 398 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the total number to 4,521.

Earlier, the ministry reported 3 more deaths from the novel coronavirus, taking the UAE death toll to 25.

The ministry also announced that 172 COVID-19 patients have made full recovery from the virus, pushing the total number of recoveries to 852.

Authorities said 23,380 new tests had been conducted resulting in the identification of the new cases.

Speaking during the media briefing, Dr Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson for the UAE health sector, lauded the launch of the National Home Testing Program for People of Determination, saying it comes as part of the country’s precautionary measures taken to enhance the public health.

Dr Al Hosani also spoke about the epidemiological curve, which is a study of the distribution of disease. She explained that once we reach the peak, the curve will naturally flow downward. However it is not possible for them to determine a specific date of when the UAE will reach the peak.

She explained that many studies have proven social distancing as a crucial method to reduce virus spread, including maintaining a physical distance and avoiding gatherings. These means can contribute significantly to reducing the spread of the virus and the number of infected cases, thus limiting the rise in cases over a short period of time.

She advised all individuals to wear gloves when leaving their homes and replace them constantly when moving from one place to another, and to avoid touching personal belongings when wearing gloves, especially items that are frequently used such as phones. People have also been advised to wash their hands thoroughly and constantly with water and soap after taking their gloves off. 

“There is a misconception among people when wearing masks. Some think that wearing the blue side facing outward is for ill patients, while the white side is for healthy people. That is not correct. People should know that wearing masks has nothing to do with the colors, and there is only one way to wear it, which is the blue color always facing outward," Dr Farida further said.