Weight-loss surgery likely to cause genetic risk for developing breast cancer
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: All Dubai Health Authority (DHA) licenced hospitals and day surgical centres in the government and private sector have announced the postponement of all elective and non-urgent surgeries until March 31.

A statement from the DHA read, “In line with ongoing efforts to safeguard public health and manage the cases of the COVID-19 virus, and based on the current need of ensuring the preparedness of health facilities to provide the required health care, Dubai Health Authority is issuing the following instructions:

“Effective 18 March 2020, all elective and non-urgent surgeries shall be postponed until review on the 31st March 2020 subject to extension if required. The purpose of this action is to protect the citizens and residents of the Emirate of Dubai by ensuring adequate resources such as the availability of the hospital beds and qualified healthcare professionals to provide appropriate care.

“In line with this instruction, Dubai Health Insurance Corporation at DHA shall suspend health insurance for elective non-urgent surgeries as above.”

A source said that many hospitals are facing shortage of disposables required to keep sterilisation rooms running. If the disposables are not available nothing can be sterilised.