American Hospital at Arab Health 2024

American Hospital Dubai seeks to strategically position itself at the forefront of the global healthcare landscape through its active participation in Arab Health 2024, leveraging the event as a dynamic heat map for the industry’s trends and breakthroughs. Since Arab Health serves as a crucial platform, the hospital will be able to showcase its commitment to healthcare while absorbing the influences and pulse of the international healthcare industry and mapping its horizons to align with the latest breakthroughs.

Participating in Arab Health is a symbiotic relationship for American Hospital Dubai, where the event becomes a reflection of its dedication to transformative healthcare. As a path-definer in medical breakthroughs for treatment efficacy, the hospital integrates intentionally designed patient experiences rooted in evidence-based, innovation-compliant, and AI-driven solutions. American Hospital Dubai’s healthcare ecosystem is a testament to its commitment, thriving on best-in-class medical professionals, centres of excellence, expertise in complex diseases, advanced technology, seamless administrative services, digital infrastructure, research, innovation, and green practices.

At Arab Health 2024, American Hospital Dubai will be showcasing its commitment to delivering the most satisfying patient experience. Visitors can engage with the hospital’s core values, witnessing a dedication to medical excellence, education to enhance medical professionalism, promotion of medical tourism, and the introduction of cutting-edge concepts and technologies to the industry. Other noteworthy initiatives on show will include the American Hospital Medical College in partnership with a medical college, expansion of medical tourism offices, and groundbreaking advancements in Dermatology and Aesthetics, all underscoring the hospital’s leadership in medical education and commitment to raising healthcare standards.

The enduring takeaway for Arab Health visitors engaging with American Hospital Dubai lies in the hospital’s passion for setting the benchmark on healthcare quality, leading to enhanced patient care. Embracing the motto, ‘Define the Curve, Don’t Follow It,’ American Hospital Dubai exhibits a proactive approach to healthcare, emphasising the importance of getting there first rather than waiting for someone to lead by hand. Visitors have the opportunity to witness firsthand the hospital’s reinvestment of expertise and knowledge, tilling new ground in care outcomes for the benefit of humanity. At the American Hospital Dubai stand, the commitment to excellence in healthcare will be tangible and personal, offering an immersive experience that captures the essence of their transformative healthcare journey.

American Hospital Dubai embarks on pioneering medical tourism expansion

Medical tourism offices to be opened as part of a strategic office expansion internationally

American Hospital Dubai is embarking on a significant initiative by opening medical tourism offices as part of a broader expansion plan comprising offices internationally. This strategic move aligns with the UAE’s broader vision of becoming a global medical tourism hub, acknowledging the crucial role played by international regions in driving medical tourism to the country.

The expansion underscores American Hospital Dubai’s commitment to providing a seamless and hassle-free journey for patients seeking high-quality, technologically advanced medical services. This expansion aims to meet growing demand from patients who prioritise access to comprehensive and culturally aware healthcare services delivered with the utmost compassion.

American Hospital Dubai’s status as the destination of choice for medical tourists is rooted in its world-class healthcare offerings, leadership in robotic surgeries, and advanced medical technology.

The hospital’s Centers of Excellence in critical disease fields and expertise in treating complex diseases further solidify its position as a leader in the global healthcare landscape.

Distinguishing itself with a diverse and culturally aware team of medical professionals and staff, American Hospital Dubai is committed to delivering the best care outcomes and meeting the expectations of international patients.

The hospital prioritises innovation, technology, and human expertise to ensure a seamless access experience for medical tourists seeking top-notch healthcare services.

The hospital’s International Patient Services serves as a testament to its commitment to ensuring a smooth journey for patients.

The International Patient Team, adeptly trained to assist and advise patients and their families, takes charge of consultations, doctor appointments,

and patient referrals, while also addressing all inquiries before patients arrive in Dubai.

Look out for American Hospital Dubai’s AHD EXPRESS - Health checkup capsule at Arab Health 2024

Booth to provide visitors with efficient full-body health scan

At Arab Health 2024, one of the most exciting features at the American Hospital Dubai’s stand is the Health checkup capsule, an innovative and technologically advanced device booth designed to provide visitors with a quick and efficient health check-up. The AHD EXPRESS, as it is called, is a tool to help motivate individuals to take a proactive approach to their health.

Positioned as the region’s leading healthcare provider, the hospital leverages the AHD EXPRESS as a means to engage Arab Health visitors in the pursuit of preventive care.

The vital parameters measured by the Health checkup capsule include Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Temperature, Height, Weight, BMI, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Stethoscope, SPO2, Weight sensor, Body composition, teleconsultation, and Derm scope. This comprehensive array of measurements ensures a thorough understanding of one’s health status.

AHD EXPRESS operates through a user-friendly step-by-step procedure for the health check-up, allowing individuals to navigate independently.

However, recognising the potential need for assistance, American Hospital Dubai staff stands ready to guide visitors through the procedure and address any queries they may have. In essence, the Health checkup capsule becomes not just a booth but a pathway for individuals to proactively manage their health in a convenient, time-efficient, and privacy-respecting manner.

American Hospital Dubai redefines beauty and wellness with The Face

The brand seeks to revolutionise the pursuit of beauty and skin health by setting a new standard in skincare and plastic surgery

American Hospital Dubai introduces “The Face,” a groundbreaking brand that is set to reshape the landscape of skincare and plastic surgery services in the region. This pioneering initiative sets out to redefine excellence in dermatology and aesthetics, promising a new era of results-oriented outcomes.

The launch of The Face stems from a recognised need to provide highly personalised, effective, and reliable services in the area of skin care and plastic surgery. It will be a one-stop destination for those seeking the best care and expertise, integrating evidence-based practices and breakthrough technologies to elevate skin health.

The transformative process begins with consultation, collaboration, and clarity, ensuring a confident and relaxed experience for individuals. American Hospital Dubai introduces a comprehensive and specialised approach, combining medical expertise, advanced technology, and patient-centric care to navigate the emotional dimensions of decision-making in skincare and plastic surgery procedures.

The Face encompasses a broad spectrum of services, addressing both medical and cosmetic skincare needs, along with aesthetic requirements. From treating common skin conditions to advanced therapies for rejuvenation, radiance, and cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, and more, The Face caters to diverse needs.

The dedicated environment created by American Hospital Dubai for The Face reflects a commitment to providing a welcoming space for patients. It mirrors the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation, further establishing The Face as the standard-bearer in dermatology and aesthetics services.

Your child’s best health destination

American Hospital Dubai will launch American Children Center, its full-fledged pediatric clinic, offering latest, evidence-based treatments from the best pediatricians in town.

How we honour our commitment to care for your child:

● Our pediatric subspecialties include gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, pulmonology, psychiatry, surgery, orthopedics, allergies, and neurorehabilitation.

● We also offer Pediatric Urgent Care, General Pediatrics, Pediatric ENT, Dental and Ophthalmology consultations and treatment.

● We are the only private healthcare entity providing comprehensive pediatrics benefits, a Pediatric Intensive Care Centre and a tertiary-level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

● Our Western-trained pediatric intensivists lead our Intensive units to ensure maximum care for your child.

● Multi-disciplinary professionals support our treatments, including pediatric endocrine, hematology/oncology, speech, psychology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

American Hospital Dubai collaboration helps forge new frontiers in medical education

Groundbreaking partnership unveils the establishment of the American Medical College, poised to redefine healthcare education in the UAE

American Hospital Dubai, a premier healthcare centre in the region, recently reinforced its commitment to advancing medical education by entering into a collaboration with a premier medical college to establish a medical college in Dubai. The medical college is a distinguished international medical school and research centre, and this collaboration is not merely a partnership; it is a milestone for the UAE’s healthcare landscape, mapping new horizons for the healthcare industry.

Situated close to American Hospital Dubai, the newly established American Medical College will offer the curriculum on offer at the international medical college, which integrates cutting-edge medical knowledge, inquiry-based learning, and a dedication to service and innovation, reflecting the ethos of both institutions.

The distinguished characteristics of the international medical college, rooted in personalised training and a commitment to diverse patient communities, resonate in the curriculum that will be delivered through American Hospital Dubai. This groundbreaking venture symbolises a paradigm shift, with American Hospital Dubai spearheading the charge to provide a comprehensive medical education that aligns with global standards.

This strategic initiative is not just significant for the institution; it’s a game-changer for the entire UAE healthcare sector. American Hospital Dubai’s foray into medical education is poised to set new benchmarks, cultivating the next generation of transformative leaders who will shape the dynamic healthcare landscape in the region.

The American Medical College will house various departments, including Anaesthesiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Dermatology, Education, Innovation and Technology, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Integrative Physiology, Molecular Virology, and Microbiology.

This expansive curriculum ensures a holistic educational experience for students, preparing them for multifaceted roles in the ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem.

Beyond academics, the American Medical College campus is envisioned as a vibrant hub fostering a culture of wellness and lifelong learning.

Programmes and activities will create a secure and comfortable environment, aligning with the institution’s commitment to not only academic excellence but also the holistic development and well-being of its students.

In this collaborative venture, American Hospital Dubai continues to define the curve, pioneering advancements in medical education that echo its longstanding commitment to excellence in patient care and healthcare standards.