Six months ago, American Hospital Dubai graced Arab Health 2021 with an impressive stand “Shape of the Future”. Breaking the barriers of the conventional exhibition, the stand justified American Hospital Dubai as the centre of medical excellence.

A year later, here we are once again ready to be propelled right into the future of healthcare. American Hospital Dubai will execute another immersive stand.

Over the course of the year, the medical giants have only looked forward. They have been consistent in their relentless pursuit of exploring new avenues of technology that continue to aid towards the progress of the human-health relationship. Justifiably so, the stand at Arab Health 2022, exemplifies the evolution of healthcare, technology, and the power of experiential through the — “Pillars of Evolution”.

“This year, we will be showcasing American Hospital Dubai’s breakthroughs in key disease fields,” says Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of Mohammad & Obaid AlMulla Group, the holding company of American Hospital Dubai.

Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of Mohammad & Obaid AlMulla Group, the holding company of American Hospital Dubai Image Credit:

“Our centres of excellence in cancer, diabetes, cardiology, orthopaedics, and neuroscience have been path-definers in treatment efficacy and transformative medicine, leading the fields with evidence-based care delivered with the highest values of patient-focused care. These dedicated centres are leaders in their field owing to our commitment to providing the best and latest treatment methods and application of medical discoveries.”

The stand is a manifestation of the grit of the scholars and medical professionals of American Hospital Dubai to always go above and beyond while keeping the synergy between man and machine at the core of the healthcare experience. A key theme this year is healthcare transformation, and American Hospital Dubai truly understands the value of transformation.

“To completely know the importance of transformation, we must first know who the change will benefit and then work to make that happen,” explains Beshara. “These imperatives alone define the purpose of transformation. The reality is that myriad influences have shaped today’s patient: greater access to information, self-empowerment through technology, redefined expectations from healthcare entities and a reshaped view of personal wellness and safety due to the pandemic.

“These have had an inalterable impact on patient attitudes and outlook. We are witnessing a new era in the urgency for healthcare entities to move beyond diagnosis and treatment and speed towards prevention and prediction. So, any form of transformation in healthcare must ultimately be patient focused. The shift must be from service-provider focused operations to customer-intended facilities and performance, and relook process, approach, and values.”

This year the purpose was also to emphasise the evolutionary advantages of integrating technology into the field of medicine. The feats of American Hospital Dubai have been mammoth and certainly complex. Hence, there was a strong possibility that their achievements could get lost in translation.

Let’s face it, comprehending extended medical terms isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and add revolutionary technology to the mix, you’re looking dead in the eye at a rather tedious high-school science lecture right after your lunch break. Nobody wants that.

And that was the driving thought that led to the execution of the “Pillars of Evolution”. The holistically crafted stand is set to be immersive, interactive, and educate the visitors in a manner that is easy to decipher without compromising on the magnitude of their achievements.

This is made possible through multifaceted activations powered by modern event technology. Here’s an insight into what can be expected once set foot into the “Pillars of Evolution”:

◆ The Holo-Lens: A mixed reality activation that immerses you into a 360 educational experience of American Hospital’s Oncology department.

◆ Object Recognition Table: A live x-ray performed on a display mannequin provides an in-depth insight into the surgeries conducted across three major departments – Cardiology, Neurology, and Orthopaedics.

◆ The Robotic Arm Surgery: The Robotic Arm, the star activation of last year’s stand, makes another comeback. This time, evolved, depicts a more accurate representation of the pioneering robotic surgeries introduced at American Hospital Dubai.

◆ Swipe and Show: An interactive screen activation that allows you to learn more about stem cell therapy and in-vitro fertilisation. Made easy to comprehend with infographics and video graphics.

◆ RFID: Through the use of RFID-activated tags, the activations showcase how doctors and medical professionals can easily navigate the services at American Hospital through their newly digitalised operations system. An initiative that was executed through a collaboration of American Hospital Dubai and the engineers at Siemens.

Venturing into the “Pillars of Evolution” is en-route once again to set the tone for exhibition stands across the region. While perfectly showcasing American Hospital Dubai as the trailblazers of medical evolution, it also allows all of us to truly embark on an immersive journey in witnessing the impact of the experiential.

“The purpose of healthcare is one-pointed: it is all about delivering patient satisfaction and encouraging preventive health,” says Beshara. “Everything we do to achieve that aim is deserving of constant scrutiny of approach, ethical impetuses, practical methodologies, repurposing values, and empowering healthcare personnel to be the flag bearers of a healthier future for humanity. American Hospital Dubai will embody all these values at the Arab Health 2022.”