PB Abdul Jebbar
PB Abdul Jebbar, came to Dubai as a fatherless teen looking for a job in the 1990s. Now, he's the group managing director of Hotpack Global, a leading packaging company he built, employing more than 3,500 employees. Image Credit: Supplied

  • PB Abdul Jebbar came as a teenager in search of a job after losing his father at a young age..
  • How he overcame stupendous odds to survive and thrive.

Dubai-based Indian businessman PB Abdul Jebbar knows fully well what adversity looks like.

To say that he had a tough time growing up is an understatement. Yet, he found a way out of a difficult situation, and landed a successful business out of sheer grit.

Now, he is a multi-millionaire businessman in charge of a business empire that employs more than 3,500 people across 16 countries. Abdul Jebbar, group managing director of Hotpack Global, a leading packaging company, recalls to Guf News how he once struggled to make ends meet.


Small jobs, tough life

Abdul Jebbar grew up in a small village called Chamakkala in the Thrissur district of the Indian state of Kerala. His father died in an accident when he was just six years old. His mother took on the challenge of bringing him and his brothers up. Abdul Jebbar has shown his hunger for challenge early.

When he turned a teenager he did small trading jobs of procuring foreign goods from people who came from the Gulf region.

PB Abdul Jebbar
PB Abdul Jebbar's Dubai-based company, serves over 25,000 international brands among his clients in 31 countries.

“Little did I know then that this place, the Gulf, would one day make me a successful businessman,” said Abdul Jebbar.

The small jobs earned him some money, which he used to pay for his education and also run the family. “I was harbouring dreams of flying abroad and becoming a successful businessman but I did not know when that would happen,” he recalls.

Finally,his dream of travelling overseas did come true when he had a chance to come to Dubai in 1990 in search of a job. “This led me to take on the responsibility of my family and therefore decided to migrate to Dubai in December 1990, in search of a job.

With a visa arranged by his uncle, Abdul Jebbar arrived in Dubai to work in Al Ras area for an indenting company.

Indenting company

Indent is a document stating the requirements of goods with the quantity required along with its specification. It is sent to the store department, which in turn procures the items, and dispatches the same to the department on the day specified.

“The company dealt with providing samples to trading companies from various industries,” he said.

Fast learner: Turning challenges into opportunities

Abdul Jebbar learnt the job fast. In about a year’s time, he had mastered the management of the business. From there, he had turned to learning the ropes on how to run and manage a manufacturing operation.

“I received substantial experience with respect to handling foreign companies, communication and banking transactions. I was getting ready for my big day when I would have a business of my own.”

It is important to have a dream and go after it. Don’t hesitate to put in the hard work. For one day, you will reap the benefits.

- PB Abdul Jebbar, Group Managing Director of Hotpack Global

His love for learning made him become an all-rounder, diving deep into all aspects of business — sales, accounting or administration. “All this gave me the knowledge and the confidence that I needed to become independent, and transform challenges into opportunities.”

Initial venture

Through the network he had built, he started his own venture in the packaging industry, called Majed Plastics in 1995.

PB Abdul Jebbar
A scene inside Abdul Jebbar's office in 1996, a year after he started his own venture in the packaging industry, called Majed Plastics.

He recalled: “It was a small venture with a warehouse and office in Deira, near the Gold Souq. Our company would procure superior quality secure packaging to sell. Soon, we developed a respectable clientele. Within two years our first branch opened in Abu Dhabi.”

Abdul Jebbar felt confident he could diversify and start a manufacturing unit. In the year 2000, he set up Hotpack Packaging Industries and in the year 2005, the company further expanded with its first manufacturing unit. Today, Hotpack Global is present in 16 countries across the Middle East, UK, USA, Australia, Morocco, India, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Spain, Malaysiaand Australia.

As a leader in sustainable packaging, Hotpack Global also runs a chain of manufacturing and sales networks in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. .

The company has 15 manufacturing facilities, 29 branches, 49 sales centres, over 3,500 employees and over 25,000 international brands as clients from 31 countries.

PB Abdul Jebbar
Abdul Jebbar in a meeting with his staff. Hotpack today exports to over 100 countries across the globe. And the achievements of this company goes on.

Hotpack also exports to over 100 countries across the globe. And the achievements of this company goes on.

Innovation: Learning is key

From the start, innovation has become the heart of Hotpack, With Abdul Jebbar at the helm, the company has developed over 3,500 products — ranging from disposable paper cups to cling film, thus providing complete disposable food packaging solutions to food service and household consumers.

Today, Hotpack is the largest manufacturer of disposable food packaging products in the GCC. He doesn’t rest on his successes. For Abdul Jebbar, learning is key to growth and keeping his company’s competitive edge.

“I am always learning about new products in the market and how we can keep our products up to date. We keep learning new things. When I visit a new plant or exhibition, I tend to keep an eye out for new innovative ideas that we can incorporate into our business operations.”

PB Abdul Jebbar
As a leader in sustainable packaging, Hotpack Global also runs a chain of manufacturing and sales networks in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. .

Lifelong learning

Jebbar has a deep learning curiosity and stays proactive in attending various international exhibitions to explore and acquire knowledge about emerging technologies. His interests encompass technological advancements and a focus on sustainability and environmentally conscious practices. He recognises the importance of staying updated with the latest developments in these areas to serve both technological progress and the preservation of our natural environment. Philanthropy at the helm

Abdul Jebbar has not forgotten his roots. He likes to share his success with people back home and give them the same opportunities he has received in his life.

“I started a new company called Envirogreen Carry Bags (India) Private Ltd, in Thrissur which manufactures environment-friendly paper products creating many new job opportunities for the people living there. I am deeply involved in promoting healthcare and education, serving as the director of Daya Hospital in Kozhikode/ Thrissur and Universal Engineering College at Mathilakam.”


“I am grateful to my mother without whose blessings I would not have come this far. She taught me to be humble in all my duties. I always seek her blessings before starting any new venture.”

He said he is also blessed to have his brothers by his side at Hotpack. Zainudeen and Anwar serve as Hotpack’s Co-founder and Executive Director;Group Technical Director, respectively.

“They, along with my wife, Sadiya and four children help me stay grounded and focus on things that matter the most.”

“Together, we will continue working towards trying to reach new heights no matter what,” he said.

It has been over two decades since Hotpack’s business started.

“We will continue to set a new example with each milestone, of what it truly means to be successful.”

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Abdul Jebbar’s success has not gone unacknowledged. In 2016, he won the NRI entrepreneur award from Kairali TV and in 2014, won the Global Media Events and Achievements Award.

Jebbar is also a member of the Board of Directors of Universal Engineering College- Thrissur, Kerala and Daya Hospital Thrissur, Kerala. He is also a Trustee in SAFI Institute of Advanced Studies, Calicut, Kerala and a few other educational and charity organisations.


  • NRI entrepreneur award from Kairali TV 2014
  • Global Media Events and Achievements Award 2016
  • CEO For Life 2021
  • Packaging Personality of the Year 2021 (PRIME AWARDS)
  • CEO Middle East 2022 (ITP Media)